Connecting The MCU Phase 1 - Phase ?

Connecting The MCU Phase 1 - Phase ?

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Hi CMB, This is mcufan1 and my first editorial.This is about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how each movie is connected, post credit scenes, and more. The universe first starts with phase 1 which consists of films such as iron man, incredible hulk, iron man 2, thor, captain america the first avenger, and the cherry on top the avengers. Now iron man's post credit scene shows nick fury visiting tony stark and talks to him about the avengers initiative afters tony reveals his secret identity to the world. Iron man 2 post credit scene shows thor's hammer in a new mexico desert after the events of iron man 2 the incredible hulk end scene was based off zak penn's avenger script that's why there was no mention of general ross in the avengers. Thor's post credit scene was shield bringing dr. selvig in to work on the tesseract fot them. Captian america's post credit scene was teaser trailer of the crown jewel of phase one the avengers. The avengers post credit scene shows the other talking to his leader the mad titan thanos about loki's failure and the human were not what they thought. What i notice is that the films where like comic books how the timeline is set up and this films is connected by shield and there agents such as the director, agent coulson and more

Now on to phase 2 we are getting is iron man 3, Thor the dark world, Captain america the winter soldier, ant man and guardians of the galaxy. We know what's the premise of this is about i want to talk about the dark world story, winter soldier ant man, and gotg. I think its going to be about odin paying a debt for the dark energy that sent thor to earth now i dont know alot about the comics but i think malekith is the one that lended odin the energy and that loki is going to go to malekith and tell him to attack asgard then malekith fail due to the other and the chitauri invades asgard and steals the infinity gauntlet. The asgardians fight the chitauri with the help of the visitor dr.strange also loki finds the enchantress and we have the masters of evil storyline. The post credit scene shows thanos with the gauntlet putting in the gems he has

Now the winter soldier should show bucky's fall from the first avenger then russian explorers find him with one arm, it should also have armin zola and black widow. Post credit scene unknown. Ant man should have hank pym and wasp save scott for the sequel and show hank working on his suit, a tony stark cameo and should take place before thor. Post credit scene a visit from nick fury.

I dont know anything about the guardians except from A:emh if you guess have and ideas comment and let me know what you think
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