CONTEST UPDATE: Top Three Contenders for the $500 SO FAR!

CONTEST UPDATE: Top Three Contenders for the $500 SO FAR!

Hey CBM contributors! Galactus, your humble site host here. September is a little over half way done, and I thought I'd give you a quick update on our Content Contest. Click inside to see our current top three contenders for the $500.00

Note: These are NOT the contest winners, but only the top three most popular articles thus far. Do not let this update sour you from entering your article for the $500.00. The actual winners may be completely different contributors by the end of the month, but so far these are the leaders. Contest ends on September 30th, so get your editorial written and posted before then!

In the lead with a staggering 32,906 views...
Can't Believe I'm Seeing This! Greatest Moments in Comic Book Movies
- by wcwpoet

Hot on his tail with 29,599 views...
5 Comic Book Origins You Thought You Knew. But Really, You Didn't (Part I)
- by E.F. "Manny" Camacho

And not far behind with 26,625 views...
Keeping Score: Which SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL Rumors Were Fact & Which Were Fiction?
- by Nailbiter111

To learn about the content contest and how you can enter to win $500 for your content on, click on the BIG MONEY!

As is proof by this list, ANYBODY who writes an interesting article that captures the attention of readers is able to compete and win the contest. NOBODY has an unfair advantage, so what are you waiting for?!!
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