COSPLAY: Abracadabra! Giada Robin As Zatanna Zatara

COSPLAY: Abracadabra! Giada Robin As Zatanna Zatara

COSPLAY:  Abracadabra! Giada Robin As Zatanna Zatara

Super Cosplay Girls (SCG) has put together another wonderful photoshoot. This time cosplayer Giada Robin, is dressed as DC Comics' most beautiful and powerful sorceress, Zatanna Zatara.

DC Comics - Zatanna Zatara
Cosplayer: Giada Robin * Photographer: Lucas of SCG - Super Cosplay Girls

Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of famed magician Giovanni “John” Zatara and Sindella, a member of the mystical Homo Magi race. Zatanna is a direct descendant of the artist and magician Leonardo da Vinci, and is related to Nostradamus; Alessandro Cagliostro; the noted alchemists Nicholas Flamel and Evan Fulcanelli; and Lord Arion of Atlantis. Her cousin, Zachary Zatara, is also a magician.

Zatanna was a successful stage illusionist before she discovered her true magical powers while investigating the disappearance of her father. With the help of Batman, the Atom, Elongated Man and others, she was successfully reunited with him. Their time together was short, and unfortunately, both of her parents were killed on separate occasions while saving her life.

Magic: Zatanna is a homo magi, a human born with the affinity to manipulate magic. Her unique genetic structure allows her to use the magic she was born with as well as learned magic. As a tribute to her father, and as a focus for her spells, she casts spells by speaking backwards. For example, saying "pots" would cause the target of the spell to stop in their tracks. - DC Wiki
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