COSPLAY: Jennifer Van Damsel As Ryu & Nadya Sonika As Vega From STREET FIGHTER

COSPLAY: Jennifer Van Damsel As Ryu & Nadya Sonika As Vega From STREET FIGHTER

Two lovely cosplayers, Jennifer Van Damsel and Nadya Sonika, dressed as Ryu and Vega from Capcom's Street Fighter video game. Plus, new images of Jennifer in her fantastic Doctor Strange costume.

Street Fighter - Ryu & Vega
Cosplayer: Jennifer Van Damsel & Nadya Sonika * Photographer: LJinto

Marvel - Doctor Strange
Cosplayer: Jennifer Van Damsel Photographer: LJinto

Vega, known as Balrog, in Japan, is one of the bosses of the Street Fighter fighting game series. He first appeared as a boss character in Street Fighter II. He is a memorable character, not only for his obsession with beauty, but also for the claw he wields and his unique fighting techniques. Vega's fighting style is a blend of ninjutsu and bullfighting, thus earning him the nickname "Spanish Ninja."

Ryu (リュウ, 隆, Ryū) is the main character and "hero" of the Street Fighter series. Ryu has made an appearance in every Street Fighter game, as well as in every crossover fighting game with Capcom characters in it. Ryu has arguably become the most famous character in the fighting game genre, starring in early fighting games such as Street Fighter, but really got well known in Street Fighter II, where he was considered a "basic" character. He, along with Mega Man, is considered one of Capcom's unofficial "mascots". - Street Fighter Wiki
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