COSPLAY: Something For The Ladies

COSPLAY: Something For The Ladies

We all know Chris Hemsworth is a robot created simply to frustrate us ladies into thinking no real man will ever measure up. Put away your overused Thor DVD and take a look at these hot real life geeks!

A hot male cosplayer is a rare species indeed. I’ve scoured the interwebs searching for not only male cosplay, but HOT male cosplay. Apparently you can’t just Google image search “hot male cosplay” as this is what you get:

I mean, really??

This is definitely NOT what I was hoping for. But after hours of searching through random blogs, tumblr accounts, chat rooms, and the occasional porn site (I swear I did not mean to click that ad), I think I have rounded up some pretty hot geeks of the manly persuasion. Check it out ladies (and discerning gentlemen) and tell me what you think! Also, do you have a hot male cosplayer in your life? Show us! Don’t keep all that geeky goodness to yourself!

Holy hotness, Batman!

Love a man in uniform.

Oh, Doctor!

Is that a gem of Cytorak in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

This guy makes me want to get into the Fate series....real bad.

Who doesn’t want to be saved my a Legloas looking Link?!

Best back-scratcher EVER!

No shirt, ALL the service!

Someone doesn’t mind when Aunt Flo is in town.

That codpiece is shocking! (Get it, [Bio]SHOCKing?! Whatever.)


NOTE: These photos were found on random sites that did not link back to the original owners. If you know the person pictured, please let me know their info and I will credit their hotness. Thanks!

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