CostumeCraze previews more Superhero costumes for 2011!

More Previews!

Some are cool, some are lame, and some are amazing!

Starting with adult Tron Costumes:

and for the kids:

The simple:

The Deluxe:

Next up is adult Thor costumes for women!

for the younger geeks:

And next we have more superhero costumes that people managed to sex-up even more....


Robin and Supergirl:

And last but not least, the Ame-Comi statue based costumes (these are probably going to cost a bundle i'm guessing)

Wonder Woman:


And Supergirl: (this one kinda looks like a mess)

And there you have it! I don't really like any of the Ame-Comi stuff, but they did a pretty good job on that Wonder Woman costume.

Tell me what you think! :D
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