Cry Baby Cry Baby!!!!

Cry Baby Cry Baby!!!!

Why is it that about once a month, we get someone hop on their high-horse and bitch about something on this site?

"This is wrong, that is wrong, you suck, that sucks, people suck, editors suck, stop the trolls. Bitch bitch bitch..."

This site was created to have fun and find out some cool shit going on in the world of comic books and comic book movies, and some times shit we dont care about.

I'm all for a good fight in the comments, that's half the fun, or knowing someone is very sensitive about somthing and you know just how to push their buttons.

We get all this and it's free, I get to play on this site all day at work, so I'm on here about 45 hours a week.

Tomorrow I will have been on this site for a year, and I don't know how I could have ever gone without it for so long. It has brought me back to my comic geekness, that I lost many years ago, it has got me back into buying comics on every Wednesday. Before finding this site, I hadn't bought a comic book in over 15 years. (I'm 29.)

So my message to you is this: shut the fuck up and have fun with what you got! There isn't another site like this that is as fun as this. Stop crying about every little sand you get in your va j j.

That is all, you're welcome.


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