David Fincher's THE GOON Looks For Funding Through Kickstarter

David Fincher's THE GOON Looks For Funding Through Kickstarter

There is still hope for the very promising looking animated adaptation of Eric Powell's cult favorite, but David Fincher and co. need a little help from the fans. Read on to find out how you can donate, and for a video statement from Fincher and the studio heads..

In order to raise the necessary funds to make The Goon movie a reality, David Fincher, Eric Powell, Blur Studios and Dark Horse Entertainment have launched a Kickstarter campaign. The team have released a proof of concept clip already, and although it was very well received, they just can't seem to get the project into production.

"After investing hundreds of thousands of their own money and countless hours of effort, the team has opted to reach out to The Goon fanbase, comic book lovers, the movie industry, and frankly anyone with a pulse willing to donate, with a Kickstarter campaign to take their development efforts to the next level."

Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown would return as Frankie and The Goon. Fincher would produce the movie, with Blur's Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler co-directing. You can read all about the campaign and donate by clicking HERE

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