DC and Marvel movies killing other comic book movies

DC and Marvel movies killing other comic book movies

Are DC and Marvel comic book based movies are getting more attention at box office compared to other franchises? Check out what I think.

2012 was the year of some awesome movies. Many of them were based on literary works, fiction and most primarily comic books and graphic novels. Still out of these movies we simply choose to remember Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. The Amazing Spider-Man became a victim of this epicness that was going around at the time it released and people just could not stop comparing it to other two. The box office war went ahead and killed several movies in the process because they failed to generate that attention and speculation that Avengers and TDKR did with worth millions of budget.

The latest victim of this drama or whatever you call it came out as Dredd. It was fairly well written and directed movie. The acting was superb and it was dark as much as it was supposed to be. Still people rejected it even before the movie came out because it didn’t look like Avengers or TDKR. The movie was good and yet it flopped.

Take another example as John Carter. Fanboy bashing begun as the trailers came out and even after the movie turned out good it was declared as a disappointed. There can be many other movies in the list as per individual but in the end this competition is killing smaller companies is not a good thing. There are movies we are not getting sequels because of the same reason. Other examples may include Men in Black 3, Prometheus etc. GI Joe moved ahead its release sensing the competition because of the same reason. Its not that audience have become smart and started liking movies with good stories, otherwise Battleship would be a box office disaster in that case.

If you check the number of CBMs coming next year and year followed after is increasing constantly. If this continues then other than Marvel and DC movies no movie will be able to stand or pass at box office in future and slowly CBMs will fade from the box office leaving only the powerful ones to survive. One of the effects that we are already seeing is with DC entertainment and WB who are not at all interested in coming up with new properties, it seems they have already forgotten Vertigo titles.

As fans atleast we should not reject a movie month before its release. If it is poorly made and directed audience will reject it anyways but if negative reviews start coming by the time before the movie comes out it generates a negative buzz among people who want to see it.
What do you think?
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