DC is building a Universe

DC is building a Universe

Marvel HAS built a universe where all of their stories co-exist... DC has taken a lesson and all signs point in the same direction.

This idea is entirely centered around(and almost dependant on) Chris Nolan. He, single handedly, revamped the entire DC franchise with Batman Begins. Some COULD argue that he raised the bar on the superhero film industry. No more Superman 4's or Fantastic 4's. The viewing audience has spoken in numbers (the $$$ kind) about what they expect from their most beloved characters and in film. We WANT to see the deeper darker and more flawed sides of our heroes. We WANT to see them overcome the biggest obsticals we can relate to while battling the powers that be. We WANT the real world to be a real part of theirs. We WANT the governments to be involved almost as if it could REALLY happen like this. Even if just in the near future. And we should all thank Nolan (The JESUS of the Super's world now) for the films that followed his lead... and for the next few glorious years ahead...

I'm here to specifically pick at the budding minds over at DC Comics and Warner Bros. There was once, like Marvel, a plan to bring the DC heroes together for a JLA film. Thanks to the fail of Superman Returns (Though a GREAT tribute film for any true "S" fan) all of those hopes crashed here in reality. We, as fans and critics, will not except massive stretch's and low quality tales of the characters we have known for our entire lives. Batman Begins was truely the new beginning in DC's film life. At least, where their biggest heroes stand. It opened up Gotham City to incorporate a bigger world. It did NOT stay within the city limits. The Dark Night did the same thing by not only stetching the borders again but by including little tie-in's to its predicesor finally showing that a film is but a snap shot in a greater timeline of fantastic events. (Nods to Iron Man's Favreau for being just as smart.)

Now the rumors are swirling in the DC Universe as more and more films are coming to a reality and within the foreseeable future too... Specificaly, Batman 3 is going to initiate the chain of events to start taking place to lead up into the inclussion of the whole of DC's world. A few clues give it away. Rumors that Metropolis will be mentioned are HUGE!!! That blows the borders off the SINGULAR storyline! Batman is actually setting up Superman... Let it sink in. Now marinate that with the following rumors: Not only Nolan to "Godfather" the next Superman film, but his brother and co-writer is supposedly directing it...

DC Universe should insert a subtext to their logo and it should say "Nolan-verse" Chris's film to give lead into his own side project/brother's directing debut? Attatching his SUPER-VALUABLE name to what will surely be a hugely anticipated film? DC has just figured out how to make some major coin. Watch, the glorious Green Lantern will have it's own little nods to the rest of the DC universe. As any comic book reader will tell you, we love that the world's are NOT singular in nature. Sometimes a problem in one city is too big for a single hero. They have a fraternity of friends. They all intertwine.

It will not be coming fast, in fact, a JLA film may never happen BUT the movies will all start linking with each other. Just like Iron Man and Hulk (and Thor), DC will show the links. Lets not kid ourselves, we ALL stuck around to Stark's cameo in Hulk. It's one of the biggest moments in the film. And the cameo's and tie's to the other films is always one of the biggest talked about topics in our forums... In the end game, it's insurance $$$.

Suddenly a trilogy of Iron Man or Batman flicks are a franchise...WITHIN a franchise. A cash cow on a cash farm. All the while giving us all exactly what we want...more to talk about. More to be EXCITED about.

yes? no? am I missing any clues? Pile on dear friends :)
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