DC's Flashpoint Integral to the September 52 Relaunch

DC's Flashpoint Integral to the September 52 Relaunch

DC's launch of the Flashpoint event seems, to many, to be a waste of time considering that the publisher is relaunching/rebooting/reconfiguring/re-whatever-you-wanna-call-it the line this September. According to an article in USA Today, however, it seems that the event is integral to that other event.

This Wednesday will see the publication of Flashpoint #3, the mid-point, and it will reveal the secrets of Project: Superman while the armies of Aquaman and Wonder Woman are warring against each other.

Event editor Eddie Berganza says of those who are reading Flashpoint, "They're starting to figure out where these 52 are coming from, and it's staring them right in the face with Flashpoint. A lot of the concepts, a lot of the ideas, they're cropping up within the pages. You have a book called Frankenstein in the Flashpoint world, and guess what, we're doing Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE. You'll see a couple of other background players start showing up that become more important as we go into September."

The various aspects of Flashpoint have done away with long established alliances between heroes, and emphasized an edgier world demonstrated largely by the aforementioned war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

"At times, we dismiss our heroes as so altruistic that we forget with the wrong attitude, they can be very dangerous, and they're not heroes to be messed with," Berganza says.... When you're introduced to Kal-El in this issue, you'll see that, wow, things are very different and do not allow for a world that cherishes any sort of innocence. That's mostly what the Flashpoint world is: a world that's been robbed of that... You can see how a good person can go down the wrong road just because of some one incident where they let their emotions take over. They don't have any fallback friends as far as what the Justice League represents in our world: the ideas these guys could bounce off each other and relate and have that human contact.

"....Stuff that's appearing here pretty much sets you up for the 52," Berganza says. "You can't let Flashpoint go as something that does not count. It's the gateway into what's coming in September."

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