Destroyer 14's Review of Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths #4

Destroyer 14's Review of <i>Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths</i> #4

The long awaited issue of IDW's Godzilla mini-series is finally here. Does it continue to deliver that high quality feel that Kingdom of Monsters fails so miserbelly in? Come check out my in-depth review.

As you know by now, Gangsters and Goliaths has been a phenomenal series thus far, a title worthy of the Godzilla name. Each issue has gotten above 8. The lively well-written characters, excellent pacing, and satisfying monster destruction. See that cover? Yes, I was expecting a lot from this issue. Does it deliver? Read on.

This was a great comic. This has a REAL ongoing plot with great human characters. The script is some high quality stuff, something the ongoing series is severely lacking.

The plot follows Detective Sato as he watches what happens when you mess with the natural order of things. Monsters from the Island attack a bunch of cities, meanwhile, the Cosmos are being held captive by the Japanese crime lord Takahashi. Sato's son convinces him to do a new plan to take down the crime lord.

Yeah, high quality stuff.

There's honestly nothing really bad to say about this issue. For people that like deep plot with good characters, you get that with some really well-written dialogue. Monster hounds such as I, get a lot of great monster scenes with some surprise appearances. I mean, in the flashack, we have Titanosaurus duking it out with Kumonga! (The fight was short, but it was cool to see them anyway.) Rodan, Battra, Anguirus.....they're all there. A little Destroy All Monsters for ya.

Detective Sato continues to impress as a character, and the crime lord Takahashi brings good human villainy to the table. Some really good character-driven moments here, the dialogue in the bar between Sato and his son stands out.

The monsters are rendered beautifully, showcasing their awesome destruction. It feels like Destroy All Monsters mixed in with the mafia!

If it's one thing I was disappointed in, it's that my main monster Gigan didn't appear. I love that cover, and was really looking forward to seeing him. But it's just a minor thing, the issue was still excellent, especially the interesting ending. Also, why bother making the boring regular cover when you have this epic piece? Who would want to buy the other one?

The art sadly still isn't that great. The monsters look fine, but the humans look way too sketchy. Why can't they hire a great artist like Jim Lee? Imagine seeing the monsters rendered with his art.

In closing, this is the best issue of this mini-series. I, a big-time Godzilla fan, greatly approve of this series. Well-crafted characters, great monster appearances, this issue was great. If you aren't reading it, go check it out. (Yes, buy this instead of Kingdom of Monsters.)

I give this issue a 9/10.
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