Do You Ever Read The Comments Left On Your Articles?

Do You Ever Read The Comments Left On Your <b></b> Articles?

My editorial regarding what people do when their articles are commented on

So Monday night I was sitting back and thinking (highdea) as I was reading comments about my Thor 2 editorial and I was thinking do all CBM users read the comments on their articles? Plenty of people comment on articles and some voice very prominent opinions and others are very nonchalant, but in the sense of probably getting to know your fellow CBMers but you can hear great ideas.

In one of my articles @ScionStorm suggested the sequel to Thor should be called Thor: Journey into Mystery, which sounds way better than Thor 2.

Now aside from that the reason we get News, Scoops and Interviews on CBM is for us to be informed and the comments are just extra. The reason why make Fan Fic, Editorial and Features is for people to see are work and maybe we read the comments, but in the two cases one you have to read over hundreds of comments and in the other cases you may read up to twenty. So in an article like @JoshWilding’s article on UPDATE: First Look at Superman Costume! got 1144 comments, compared to @cbrewer4044’s editorial on Details on Avengers "other" villain! Imo. got 18 comments.

Now CBM contributers may be busy and some of us may just be individuals with not a high status in a social life (nerds) and just have the time to read all of the comments in your articles.

Now me, I read every comment in every article I create and may say something back, and hey maybe you can see how some people appreciate something you posted like @DCMarvelFreshman’s article about The Avengers Teaser from Captain America End Credits
So in short all I’m saying is you can understand others view on things whether it is positive or negative.

Another question I have is the thumbs up, more people link it to Facebook then thumbs up on the article, and do we not appreciate the thumbs up more than the Facebook link.

@ cbrewer4044
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