Editorial: About the Avengers and Rises

Editorial: About the Avengers and Rises

An unbiased comment from a long-time comic book fan and movie admirer.

This is a purely unbiased article written by someone who has really just had enough of what's been going on in this site. Having said that, I love the site and appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining it.

When the polls were happening a number of months ago, some of us were upset because Batman won virtually every match he was a part of. It didn't matter if he was fighting Daredevil, Spider-Man, Thor or Galactus. He won every fight. Worse, he won by a landslide of votes. Whether that is right or wrong is another matter. If you really think Batman can defeat Thor, what hope is there for you?
Now, every time an article mentions anything relating to Avengers, Batman, Spider-Man or possibly just every single article... there is Avengers bashing by Batman fans.

Stop. Back-up.

I'm writing this because I love cbm's, just like you do. I have no preference when it comes to Marvel, DC or the other guys. I like them all equally. I'm pumped for Superman just as much as I am pumped for Amazing Spider-Man.

So why the article? Because of all the bashing that's going on. Somehow, Avengers is in competition with Dark Knight Rises. One is the third part of a trilogy. The other is the culmination of many films all coming together into the natural evolution of those storylines. But it is a stand-alone. Other than the fact that they are cbm's, they have almost nothing else in common.
I want to go on the record and state that it's okay for both films to be good. It's okay. We can enjoy them both.

So why the Avengers hatred? Sure, some of you are for it, but others are not. There are even articles on here (or possibly just one) which criticize the Avengers and make it out like the film will be a disappointment. Worse, there are comments how Avengers will cause Cap 2 and Thor 2 and possibly the others to be delayed. Damn you Avengers! How could you?
What is the point of these articles? To flat out bash Avengers without being too overt in doing so. To cause fear and skepticism that the film will be a disappointment. To rain on it's parade, so to speak. To encourage hatred of it.
Why is this happening? I think I know the reason. But let me tell you why it's NOT happening.
Avengers has shown incredible footage. The actors are all amazing in their roles (from what we've seen so far in the other films). Joss Whedon has a passion for the film and is heavily invested in it. There is no tangible proof to suggest anything is wrong with the film. Complaining about Cap's costume doesn't count. One costume does not make or break a movie. Unless it's Catwoman...
So why is it happening?
I believe it's because Dark Knight Rises has not delivered the way Avengers has.
1. Bane does not resemble his comic book counterpart in the slightest way.
2. His voice is problematic. It is. If people are complaining, there's a reason.
3. Christian Bale does not look like Batman. He doesn't have the muscle. He doesn't have the voice. If not for Two-Face and Joker from the last film, he would not have been able to carry the movie himself. Just look at the first film which many did not enjoy (myself included). You can't possibly tell me the sequel was amazing because of Bale. He just bounced off Two-Face and Joker.
4. The trailers were just okay. Nothing too special. They're probably saving the good parts for the next trailer, or maybe just for the film. Either way... they're holding back. And the prologue was disappointing. All three left me feeling an uneasy dread. And I wanted to love all of it. I still do.

I think the reason for all the Avengers bashing is because people are afraid that Rises will not be good. That it won't deliver. And comparing it to the previous film... this one was almost doomed from the start.

As a resolution to this article, I want to suggest the following: Let's accept each film for what it is. Tossing around your fears and apprehensions because you don't like the look of Thor's nose, or hate the mask Cap wears are unfounded. In other words, stop nit-picking. If an article is about Batman, keep it about Batman. If it's about Avengers, why do I need to read how much better Batman will be? They are not the same movie. Let them both be good without tossing around your biases. You love Batman? He's the best? Nobody can touch him? Fine. Then avoid the Avengers articles. Leave the film alone!

I'm just sick of all the unfounded bashing. Jealousy because JLA never happened, or because Green Lantern sucked, or because Batman appears (to some) to have faults is just petty. I'm sure both movies will be good. Let's try to be a little more positive.

(But grif, keep being yourself. I actually go looking for your comments in each article I read. Thanks for the laughs.)
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