EDITORIAL: Are We Really “Basic”

EDITORIAL: Are We Really “Basic”

Hit the jump, because this just might be the article to change the site forever. So sit back, relax and enjoy as you read this ecstatic editorial that you just might be featured in. Check it out after the jump!

Are we really just “Basic” Users? Let start off by reading the definition of the word Basic.

Is that what we really are, Plain and unsophisticated. The answer to that question is my opinion and I’m sure in many people’s opinion is NO!


These two users just were two guys who came to the site and started to comment on Articles. But then they wanted to go farther, they were dedicated to go farther. And look at them now, trusted users.

We also have these two users

They’re not “Basic”. Dr Doom is a writer he takes time out of his day to write great stories for us to read. That’s not plain or unsophisticated, that’s Genius! (Also make sure you check them out at the link below). Pasto, a man who takes time out of his day to write up Great 101’s for the site, reviews, and more. (Also check out his fansite when you get the chance.) But they just don’t do it for the fame, they do it because they enjoy doing it, and to satisfy the people with something good to read every day.


And These Four Users Who are just on the site to bring some life to it! 

Just because some of these users does not post as much articles does not mean they are unsophisticated, they are ingenious!

Even the Users we don’t even see often have a goal and are dedicated to do something.

 So where not Basic, Were not Plain, Simple, or unsophisticated, were Citizens. Citizens of a Community (CBM) . Each Citizen has their own unique qualities and skills. Therefore, I will use this article to try to make a change to the Site, to make us Citizens! 

If you’re with me and want to make a change hit the like Button Below!
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