EDITORIAL: Do Critic’s Scores And Box Office Numbers Matter As Much As We Think?

EDITORIAL: Do Critic’s Scores And Box Office Numbers Matter As Much As We Think?

The second of the as much as we think series, where this issue makes people think make or breaks a film. Well, BatmanHeisenberg is here to tackle this pointless issue, hopefully once and for all. Hit the jump for more!

When discussing a film’s quality, often times users of this site or just your average joe brings up critic’s scores, or BO numbers. But does it really matter, and is it a credible argument? I say no. Sometimes people look at the site Rotten Tomatoes, and if a film is considered “rotten”, they say that means it is terrible and you have no right to love that film.

Instead of using their knowledge, using their intellect as an argument, people tend to fall back on other’s opinions. But do critic’s opinions, or how much money a film can get really matter? Does it matter if say, I like A Movie? Often, people say, well B Movie has 30% more than A Movie on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning A Movie sucks and you have no right to that opinion.

So since a film made a billion, that make it untouchable? I see people say, (and just for the sake of argument, I am going to use Iron Man 3 as an example) “well, IM3 made 1.2 Billion, so you have no right to complain about that Mandarin twist!”

Like seriously, people believe if a film made over a certain amount, or got 94% on RT, it is unworthy of criticism? So if 200 people loved or hated a film, and/or a million people decided to watch another movie instead, or watch the movie in question, that is an argument?!

Now, yes it does matter to a certain degree. If a film doesn't make enough, it won’t get a sequel, and if it gets reviewed very well, it might garner some awards, which is good. I want my favorite films to get nominations and sequels.

What I don’t want is people arguing over something so pointless. And that is what it boils down to, other peoples opinions. Someone had an opinion on a film and bashed it, or clappsed it. Someone had money in his/her pocket, and they chose to watch it or avoid it. Simple.

In conclusion, lets not bash each other’s opinions on films, and if you think a film is the best film ever, it is. Don’t let a small group of critcs or money tell you otherwise. Thanks for reading, and see you next time!
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