EDITORIAL: Do you think they'll still be making comic movies in 10 years?

EDITORIAL: Do you think they'll still be making comic movies in 10 years?

Hollywood runs everything dry, will they still be making superhero movies 10 years from now? not sure how to start this one, but it could be something worth pondering so I'll keep going...

We know Hollywood likes fads because it's easier to sell. Just like all
marketing, but especially when the product applies to all types people. It
works out pretty awesome when your favorite heroes start showing up to the
same theater you frequent too. After (however many years since Superhero
Movies became a regular thing) though, we've seen enough bad ones to realize,
"they're being spit out like romantic comedies!"

If the Green Hornet didn't tip you off, then the Green Lantern's flaccid
script, uninteresting characters and all around existence may have finally
brought around the thought, "even I'm getting sick of (the bad)Superhero
movies!" *Especially after hearing about Green Lantern 2 getting the green
light it didn't deserve(as a sequel to Green Lantern(2011.) **Of course, that
was heard before the $300,000,000.00 reel of green diarrhea was ever spun for a
theater going audience and it received poor reviews. I guess those focus groups
are a creativity AND gold mine, or not.

It's not long before you hear the average sitcom loving idiot screeching,
"jeeeeeez, what's with all the superhero movies?!" Starting with 14 year old
girls in the theater when you walk by a poster for the upcoming classic
character revival(or relapse) film. Then the market people and producers move on
to whatever comes next after the last superhero t-shirt sells.

You may remember the 2011 slapstick comedy, "Seth Rogan's roast of The Green
Hornet," a ComiBookMovie that made me think heckler of superhero movies finally
had his chance to ruin a comedy when he was aloud to write that ComicBookMovie.
If you care to hear more about it:. ***It was bad beyond the failings of the
first bad Marvel movies, Daredevil&Electra, and made me think about what more of
these bad ComicBookMovies could do. Something we'll all ponder because Green
Hornet 2 was green lit.

Back to Green Lantern, some early talk heard sometime before the theater was
about sequelS. As for this disappointment, the right thing may happen after box
office returns weren't as expected. ****Well, the righter thing as it's now on
hold until the box office cash is figured(this takes hours, it's like 1 guy
counting all the money in a small room.)

So how about the successful films, especially those that had the right idea
for how to do these movies and how to do a series right. Nolan's Batman films,
he Blade Trilogy, X-Men and Spiderman+- do from good to "the Best Movie Ever
awaited!" Yes, Blade started much earlier than the new reemergence of
ComicBookMovies, but it was (potentially) ended recently. Spiderman&X-men 3 were
lamer than their nearly perfect ComicBookMovie predecessors and Spiderman 4 was
altered to a reboot, but Tobey was aging and X-Men has an Origins series(not
Wolverine, that was terrible.) Plus, they were still well planned and followed
through with as Singer was replaced while he left for Superman Returns. *****The
Avengers was almost included, but Ironman 2 suffered some while the Incredible
Hulk's Banner has been replaced. These things were let downs of other types
though, not like planning to make 1 or even 2 sequels before the success of THE
MOVIE is confirmed.

A bright hope is that comics are not a fad. They've existed a long time and
survived through some tough messes including ridiculous propaganda films and
nerd bashing. The question is simply: now that ComicBookMovies are so common,
will they still be made after 10 years of this? Film fads come and go, but with
companies making serious changes due to ComicBookMovies being taken so seriously
and being so well made, maybe a part of the future of comic books is in the

Movies aren't the only thing ComicBooks are finding to portray their characters.
Batman has a stage play

The graphic novels have made great films too(not that they should be much
harder or easier) when they find the right people to made them. They have been
harder to sell to everyone though and even confusing in how to portray every
aspect of the stories as with The WATCHMEN and V for Vendetta. Watchmen kept the
same era and was harder to relate to while doing a great job keeping as much of
the books deep subject matter as was possible. V for Vendetta was updated and
was very well received by audiences, especially for what it was. Sin City wins
in all directions after attaching Robert Rodriguez to the project. This is an
example of how choosing people who shine in a similar genre to the comic
definitely works if it's done right. Not that there's a formula, but The Spirit
was a boring, weird, uninteresting or likable film with elements we have already
seen and understand enough not to marvel at them if the rest of the film is

to be continued...

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