EDITORIAL: Envisioning The Greater Known Future Of Comic Book Films

EDITORIAL: Envisioning The Greater Known Future Of Comic Book Films

The future of comic book films is coming, but what could it be? How will we get there? Here in this editorial I explore the possibility of the greater known future, and more. Read on and be sure to leave your feedback in the usual place.

In all aspects of life we have all dreamed a dream greater than we can ever imagine. Sometimes (just sometimes) we are taken back by a fantasy world full of ever growing possibilities. That is in general, the effect comic book films have. To watch these actors and these events play out in a real life scenario and what it would be like if you were in the middle of it. To see the actions unfold including those events are just a wonder. But would those wonders be over in the coming future? We ponder the question of the genre itself and how long it would sustain. Rival companies and the lesser known pit themselves in the Hollywood arena viciously fighting for control to make it to the top in order to succeed. The coming of the armageddon of comic book films may be upon us some say in scary thoughts, but to be precise it’s only the beginning. The beginning of a greater future for comic book films.

CGI technology, also known as computer generated imagery, has played a major part in making comic book films come to life. Whether it’s that spectacular action sequence or that incredible stunt that could not be done without computer technology, it’s everywhere now. But what if, just imagine for once, we don’t need actors anymore. We don’t need to project the actual film within real life. All we need is CGI effects to make that world seem real and all we need is CGI effects to make the actors appear on the screen. It would be the likeness of the background or actor but it wouldn't be real at all, but it would still seem real in a sense we feel like we are actually within the environment. CGI technology is every growing and every advancing further more. Soon in the future we would be able to physically walk into a house fully made of CGI technology with computer generated furniture which that is a possible type of advanced in general along those lines. Actors wouldn't need to put themselves in the middle of the action in comic book films anymore and no one would have to risk themselves hours and hours of endless labor, why would you need to do when CGI has advanced. Look at video game graphics today and how video game graphics are looking much closer to our world. Soon video game graphics would seem like a fresh photo or a picture of someone you know. It would be more polished and clean. That is a type of advanced to envision within the future of comic book films.

What about going further beyond CGI technology? Going further into the mystery of space and what could space hold in place for CGI technology? There are many comic book films now that take place in part in space such as the upcoming film Guardians of The Galaxy. To answer the question now is that what if you could physically shoot a comic book film in space. The simple answer would be robots. Weather and Gravity resistant droid film cameras would be shot into space. These cameras would scan the entire cosmos getting a real feel of the entire environment. Once having scanned the entire universe in a blink of an eye they would station themselves upon a planet such as the moon. That is where on Earth, the director of the film would take control of the droid it self and physical move it along lines. The director on Earth would see the actors and would see the physical environment of what may be projected in the film but it would not be present in Space as it is only projecting the environment of where these actors would walk or where the action itself would take place. That is a type of advanced to envision within the future of comic book films.

Envisioning the Future of Comic Book Films, what else is there to envision? Maybe, just maybe, comic book films would not need to be directed anymore. There doesn't need to be a production crew or anything else. There wouldn't need to be any actors as their full digital images and likeliness could be stored in a physical computer known as “The Hollywood Database” which any movie studio has access to. The different styles of directors would be emulated through a computer. A film itself would be made entirely by a series of computers in a blink of an eye without any human control whatsoever. All it needs is just a small program line and a few codes such as the actors, scenes, emotions, types of scenes, and other emotes towards the contributions.

Should we be scared this is what the future could come to and should we fear that these possible advancements may ruin the quality of films? What else is there to know. It wouldn't happen overnight and it wouldn't happen behind your back. It would be slow to advance, it would be a slow process. What do you think?

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