EDITORIAL: Expressing My Love For Squirrel Girl

EDITORIAL: Expressing My Love For Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is secretly one of Marvel's best characters that many people don't know about. This is truly the experience I will share with you people today on why this is true, read on!

Squirrel Girl, where do I even began. To start off with this, barely anyone knows about the character. Yet still she is one of the best characters Marvel has ever made. A girl expressing her love for squirrels dons a costume and a brave heroic pet squirrel to fight crime. A concept so simple yet unique. A truly misunderstood Marvel character. To look at the ideology of this concept, you have to understand squirrels. Squirrels are natures gentle creatures. They are great climbers and adapters. There favorite food is nuts which many people love to feed them. Squirrels have a very shy and innocent behavior. These are traits that can easily be translated into human like emotions. Human like behavior as I say. It's common knowledge many heroes within Marvel are based around the likeness of an animal, for many examples: Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon, and many countless others. So why not accept Squirrel Girl into the mainstream of media. A mutant with squirrel like abilities can just be so amazingly talented.

Expressing my love for this character so much, it's just to me her appearance. The kind considerate eyes of happiness. The simplistic and yet not over complicated costume. Even the warm fuzzy appearance of the bushy tail much like a squirrel. This is why I am proposing my idea for a Squirrel Girl film to happen. A Kick-Ass squirrel girl film is what Marvel needs now.

Here is my pitch: An R Rated Action Packed Violent Movie, Takes Place in 1980's New York, Squirrel Girl fights a legion of evil scientists who wants to make squirrels extinct from the world, Squirrel Girl forms an army of squirrels, learning the true meaning of friendship,and a trusty sidekick named Squirrel Boy!

I just hope with Marvel currently at Disney someone realizes the true full potential of this amazing character. Thank you for reading and as always comment below!
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