Editorial: He's back and HE IS AMERICAN!

Editorial: He's back and HE IS AMERICAN!

My thoughts on the whole "He's a U.S citizen, he's not a U.S. citizen fiasco"

Being that Superman is fictitious; I first want to look at this from a factual stand point and not just the mythology of the character.
Superman is American made. He is a “character” made originally for American’s to be the embodiment of American ideals. Now that he is a global icon, and many all over the world have grown to love him, I can see the urge to co-opt him into your country (whom ever feels he is more global now). The simple “non-hateful” truth is that Superman is an American property, and no amount of debate will change that. We Americans don’t want DC changing the core of the character as he is meant to be.
In fiction, yet there is a perfectly logical argument to the fact that Superman would protect the entire world in an impartial way, but he isn’t real and the fact is that he is for the American Way. He’s not for the Chinese way, the British Way, or the Russian Way. He isn’t for Sharia Law or ethnic cleansing. He stands for the American Ideals, and doesn’t waver from that even if Politicians do.
Another thing for all the people here saying "Oh, but did you read the story, he wasn't doing what you think" or something to that effect.

Please try to remember that DC doesn't need to write a story where Superman feels the need (whether seemingly justified or not) to renounce his citizenship. When anyone goes to write any story about anything, they have the freedom to write about whatever they wish. When a writer decides to create a story where Superman renouncing his citizenship, which tells me that they want that and that's what pissed us off. The fact that they needed or felt the need to write that story.

There is no need to write a story where America is the bad guy unless you don’t like America. And since, regardless of cannon, and how it has been warped and changed over the years, Superman is “American made” DC shouldn’t be writing Superman comics where he is (not matter the fictitious reason) renouncing his U.S. Citizenship.

Lastly, hey DC, don’t use Superman to further you political views. Please stop writing Superman in any political material. In case you are incapable of seeing it. We don’t like it. Superman 4 flopped. Sorry liberals, and for those that say, “this comic sold out” I know that, but it was mostly out of morbid curiosity, hopes of having a valuable “controversial issue” and for many to be informed about what they were getting heated over. It didn’t sell out because it was sooo good, or DC would keep churning them out. Period.
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