EDITORIAL: Highflyer's Biggest 'WHAT IF?' Questions.

EDITORIAL: Highflyer's Biggest 'WHAT IF?' Questions.

In this editorial, HIGHFLYER will share the big questions he asks himself concerning the world of comic books and movies.

'Questions' and 'Probabilities' are two things that effect our daily lives in general. This also includes the comic books and CBMs that we hold dear. So with each choice a comic book character may make a choice or action he may take their is always a possible 'What if?' In all honesty, these possibilities  These questions aren't viable when it comes to the comic books themselves. It may involve the actors who embody the characters in movies and studios behind the films. Below, you will find the questions that have troubled me the most in recent years.

What if... The Abomination had joined The Avengers instead of The Hulk?

In the 2011 Marvel One Shot, 'The Consultant'  it was revealed that the World Security Council wanted Emil Blonsky (The Abomination) to be released from prison in order for him to join The Avengers Initiative. Weirdly, they blamed the destruction in Harlem which took the lives of innocent people on Bruce Banner (The Hulk) and considered The Abomination to be a war hero. Of course this didn't sit well with S.H.E.I.L.D and certain actions (which involved Tony Stark) were made to make sure the monster stayed in prison. 
Now call me crazy, but I would have paid a lot of money to see The Abomination as a member of The Avengers. Why? Well the inclusion alone would have allowed the movie to have a little more colors and unexpected turns. Just imagine, with all the good at heart superheroes The Abomination would sure mix things up. One might be concerned that The Abomination would end up being some kind of anti-hero and understandably so. But consider the type of character he is. He is an extremely dedicated individual who would stop at nothing to complete his task. Heck, I'm sure he would risk the lives of the people in New York in a blink of an eye just to destroy the alien threat and might have killed Loki instead of just knocking him out.

What if... Uncle Ben Hadn't Died?

Uncle Ben's death is an essential factor to the entire Spider-Man mythos. As morbid as this may sound, without his death, there would be no Spider-Man. To answer the question above, we have to ask ourselves one question, "where was Peter Parker's life heading prior to Uncle Ben's death?" 

To all those familiar with the story Spider-Man, you will know that after seeing a criminal running towards him, Peter casually lets him escape from the police and simply tells the officer who was in pursuit of the criminal that it wasn't his responsibility. Of course, this action would come to haunt him as the same criminal would kill his Uncle Ben. In all honesty, Peter was becoming something of a douche bag as he started to capitalize on his new found abilities and let all the attention and money he was receiving get to his head. This leads me to believe that without the a wake up call, Peter might have ended up being someone much different that the Peter Parker we all know and love. He could have ended up being a selfish celebrity who exploited his abilities for the sake of money.

What if... Batman And Robin (1997) Didn't Exist?

The 1997 film, Batman and Robin should have never had happened. Plain and simple. Not only is it a crime against the legend that is Batman but it is also a crime against cinema. There was just too much wrong with that movie. From the campiness and the bat nipples to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr Freeze puns and the terrible portrayal of Bane. Not only did it kill the Batman franchise for years, but it's stench has possibly stopped characters such as Robin, Mr.Freeze and Poison Ivy from returning to the big screen any time soon. A part of me feels that if Batman and Robin had never been made, we might have seen Christopher Nolan adapt him in his Dark Knight trilogy. Christopher Nolan made it clear in the past that as long as he was directing the Batman films, Robin would not make an appearance. The same statement was echoed by former Batman, Christian Bale despite his favorite Batman story being 'Batman: Dark Victory' which mainly deals with the origin of Robin.
One may say that if Nolan truly wanted to adapt Robin, Poison Ivy or Mr. Freeze into his realistic world he made for his trilogy he could have just like he did with Bane. But the difference is the level of bad reputation that had befallen Bane after Batman and Robin wasn't nearly as bad as the other villains. Any time you mention Mr.Freeze to a casual moviegoer they immediately think of puns such as 'What killed the dinosaurs... THE ICE AGE!' Now that The Dark Knight trilogy has ended, one can only hope Robin will appear in some form in the DC cinematic universe with the new Batman (Ben Affleck)

What if... studios didn't force Sam Raimi to include Venom In Spider-Man 3?

I see Sam Raimi's trilogy as something along the lines of an "ex-girlfriend". We had some great times but she went and did something stupid. I think that is the best way I can describe it. After two strong entries, fanboys and general audiences alike were disappointed by the third entry. As the movie moved on to the third act, I could feel that Spider-Man 3 was not measuring up to the previous ones. A common criticism is how the movie treated Venom. While the problems of the film goes beyond that(such examples like Sandman being Uncle Ben's real killer, emo Peter dancing and its focus on Mary Jane's singing career stick out of my mind), Venom is usually seen as a staple of the problems with this movie.  
After the release, the blame game began. People started pointing fingers as to who was to blame. One day, a report surfaced online. It claimed that Sam Raimi didn't want Venom in the movie as he felt like the lack of humanity in the character made him uninteresting. Now, there are also rumors that the studio initially wanted Venom to be introduced at the very end of the movie so that he could be the main villain of the fourth movie. Whatever the truth may be, its interesting to think about how the movie would have turned out if Raimi had his way. However while I may forgive Raimi for screwing up Venom since he wasn't really connected to the character, I can't pardon him for the Peter dancing. Who the heck thought that was a good idea?

Well that's my biggest questions that linger in my mind. What are yours? Comment below and don't forget to give the the thumbs up!


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