EDITORIAL: Is Warner Bros. Following The Animated Plan?

EDITORIAL: Is Warner Bros. Following The Animated Plan?

Many fans paniced and screamed that Warner Bros. had no clue what they were doing by rushing into Justice League, but many of those fans don't realized this is the exact same plan they've used before. Take the jump to read more!

Ever since Marvel started their beautifully crafted cinematic universe, many fans have wondered when, and how, were Warner Bros. going to give us a shared DC cinematic universe. This all intesified when Man of Steel was released and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy was over. Many asked how Warner Bros. was going to catch up to Marvel's cinematic universe. Then came the announcement that the follow up to Man of Steel would have Batman, then Wonder Woman was announced, and now Cyborg is also apperantley in the film. This caused a panic among fans as they screamed that Warner Bros. has no clue what they're doing, that they're just rushing the DC cinematic universe, but it seems a very few calmed down and saw what Warner Bros plan actually was.

The plan that Warner Bros. seems to be using was one used by their first shared universe. Bruce Timm's DC animated universe. Everyone seems to have forgotten how that universe was built. That shared universe truly started with Superman: The Animated Series, which had cameos from many heroes, such as everyone's favorite speedster, The Flash. Then came the four part episode, which quickly became a fan favorite animated film, The Batman/Superman Movie, and from there came the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Warner Bros. seems to be building their shared universe the exact same way. First we got Man of Steel, now we're getting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and if rumors are correct about Justice League shooting back-to-back with Batman v Superman, then it's the utmost obvious this was their plan.

Sure you can say Wonder Woman and Cybrog weren't in the animated film, but this helps introduce these two characters faster. Wonder Woman is said to not be a major role in the film and Cyborg is nothing more than a cameo, most likely it'll just be Victor Stone at the football game which was shot earlier this year. Now Justice League only has to really introduce about one character, or none if they opt to use just the big five since they are are extremely well known characters. These characters don't really need origin stories. Superman and Batman's origins are as known as the palm of your hand, Wonder Woman's could be explained in one scene, they can make 2011's Green Lantern semi-canon by keep somethings and pretending other didn't happen, and The Flash is getting a TV show, which you can make semi-canon the same way 2011's Green Lantern could be made. Afterall, the only heroes Bruce Timm had actually made an origin series for was Batman and Superman, and even then Batman: The Animated Series originally didn't feel like it was part of a bigger plan until Superman: The Animated Series came along and it was all still extremely successful.

So what do you guys think? Could Warner Bros. be using the Bruce Timm formula? Or do you still think Warner Bros. are just coming up with this thing as they go along? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, don't for get to hit the red glove!
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