EDITORIAL: Marvel, Warner Brothers, Fox, and Just Those in Between!

EDITORIAL: Marvel, Warner Brothers, Fox, and Just Those in Between!

This fun article is about dissecting the overall mindset one gets from reading fan comments on this site. I am a marvel, WB, and Fox fan. I take the good and the bad. WARNING: If you are easily offended, Don't read this, now hit the jump!

In this article I want to examine the mindset of the different cults known as the Marvelites, The use-to-be Nolanites, who have now morphed into WB fans, the Fox fanboy; then there are those people like me (who just enjoy a good superhero movie regardless of the studio making it). While I thought the Avengers was all around fun I also thought Iron man 3 and Thor 2 fell flat after being over hyped. While My heart stopped for those few minutes watching a Dark Knight trailer I call the Green Lantern an abomination. While the Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks awesome the first movie just didn't do it for me. X-men first Class and X2 were good to me while the rest were shit.


Now these have to be some of the most passionate and supportive fans I know! And for good reason I admit. Marvel studios has proven it CAN be done how the fans like it but at the end of the day we are still making a movie not just for the die hard fans. With the release of Marvel's The Avengers helmed by Joss Whedon Marvel fans were unstoppable. Whenever another Marvel Superhero movie is bashed its always "Joss Whedon would never!" "Quicksilver looks like shit Joss whedon is laughing." Yes the Avengers was awesome only a fool would say other wise but it was also over hyped in my opinion while it was good it wasn't THAT GOOD! In a Marvel studios fans mind they do NO WRONG. Everything Marvel does is creative and going in a new direction and in Marvel we trust, even when they decided to go a different direction with the source material! Never mind the Mandarin looked stupid and wasn't like his comic representation but hell its MARVEL STUDIOS so the plot makes since, the twist was good and we just didn't understand it, well in that case the ending of The Dark knight Rises is a master piece! While Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will have to be changed from the source material its ok because Whedon really wants them in his movie and the actors are amazing.

When Ant-man was announced fans were happy after it came out that Paul Rudd would be cast as the lead and that Hank Pym would be an older man while some said blahh majority of Marvel fans didn't cry outrage it was rather We trust marvel and they are going in an interesting direction. Yet The casting of Gal Godot as wonder woman is just plain bullshit. I like Joss whedon but you have to admit he has become a near God to marvel fans! Its ok to say Zack Synder is bad or Chris Nolan is over hyped but don't you dare speak against almighty Joss! Sure some directors are more comic mindful than some but at the end of the day these are MOVIE DIRECTORS, artist in their own right. We don't compare Michelangelo to Andy Warhol cause they are two separate artist with two separate visions. You may not like ones art but the artist deserves respect.

While this becomes a different direction and Marvel are doing creative things.

This becomes the worse thing on earth.

Warner Brothers fans are tricky because while some defend WB others will honestly say hey We love you Warner Brothers but please get your shit together. There is no doubt that after the success of the Avengers WB said hey ok maybe Justice League can work. Although a Justice League movie had been in the works before it fell flat for many reasons and im kinda glad it did. With the Advent of Chris Nolan it would seem New life was breathed into the DC universe, but I for one believe Nolan as good as he is only breathed new life into Batman Not the DC universe. Green Lantern was that attempt and failed miserably all comic fans pretty much agree the movie was shit lol. Chris gave us the Batman we needed to let us know yes there still is hope but not the Batman we deserve. Warner Brother fans need to realize WB does not know what they are doing and yes looking to Marvel could be an option for them i say if it helps go for it. But what Marvel fans need to realize is not every hero is easy to get right like Iron man or The hulk . I wouldn't want the same tone of Thor in a Batman movie. Iron man works because he embodies something totally different than superman.
I look at DC heroes more as Gods walking among men while Marvel is more the hero could be your uncle. Its nothing wrong with that but some things are just hard to get right. I am NOT defending Warner Brothers because they should stop being scared and get their shit together yes Green Lantern scared them but that's the fault of the script no the hero.

Could WB benefit giving DC their own little branch off studio..HELL YES but since they don't want to I say get it together or just don't make nothing at all and WB die hard fans need to realize that. Chris was good he wasn't great! Batman begins was amazing and while The Dark knight was good re-watching it today it became boring. Man of Steel was a amazing movie and a good attempt to get the DC off their asses but the movie could have been better!

Next we have the FOX defenders. Now YES Fox hasn't given us trully any good type of Superhero Movie except maybe first Class and Dredevil the directors cut. Marvel Studios fans like to bash Fox but don't you forget thats where your roots are lol and if it wasn't for Fox their would be no Marvel Studios. Fantastic four was shit, Elektra? whoever that is lol. Most of the X-men *face palm* and so on. I'm not defending Fox and I believe if their is ANY STUDIO that we as comic fans should look at contempt with its Fox! With X-men:DOFP upon us many show such hatred towards Fox and I can honestly see why. Fox fans need to realize that Fox just like WB does not know what they are doing. The new Fantastic four idk what thats about, and i believe X-men is Fox golden child for comic book movies. Fox fans need to realize just like WB they don't know what they are doing and are trying to work with what they have. Marvel fans need to get off their high horses and realize that not all studios want the same tone as Marvel studio films. One thing I give WB than I give Fox or Marvel is WB seems to trust their directors. Fox only seem to trust Singer and Marvel well if you dare say as a director or actor I want this then you can expect your job won't be there in the sequel lol.

Then their are those of us in between that love all comic movies whether its Batman or Captain America, Fox or Marvel. We sit back and laugh at the hatred shown and try to bring reasoning into the situation while avoiding being call a MCU hater etc. I for one have experienced more backlash from the Marvel camp than anyone else and I LOVE MARVEL STUDIOS and what they are doing. But at the same time I can sit at a X-men movie and take it for what it is. Here are just some things that could help these are just my opinions nothing personal im neutral and just notice this as a movie lover .

1: Marvel Studios to me uses the same formula when I go into their movies while I am excited to see whats in store I'm also prepared for pretty much the same outcome and comedy and undeveloped villains. Loki is about as close as a developed villain we've gotten. Now I know story is different to most people but to me Marvel only excels in the Visual department. They sure know how to get fans going. My suggestion is drop this toy making comedy tone and go back to Iron man 1 and the Incredible Hulk. I also believe Marvel suffers from being over hyped if a movie critic gives marvel a bad rating it has nothing to do with them hating marvel cause green lantern received worse from critics.

2. If WB with their Dc wants to truly stand out i say give them their own world and when I say that I mean look. I love when DC gives Batman and even Superman that Art deco and dark deco look and could really make their movies stand out visually. WB needs to understand its ok to take a risk. They did it with Green lantern yes but that failed cause if its own reasons. TRUST YOUR HEROES Wb has sooooooooooooo much potential. I mean your heroes are basically Gods in their own right and when Gods clash you can guarantee they will leave a mark!

3. Fox needs to stop trust source material to a degree of course not copy the script page from page from a comic but to bring in visually creative directors. Bryan is ok at best but Visually X-men can be better and which is why I'm so excited to see DOFP because visually it does look a bit different. I say Fox get a creative team together or go home.

Again this is article is purely for FUNNNNNNNNNNN! If i offended you im sorry. But please COMMENT BELOW im not saying im right about any of this lol!

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