EDITORIAL: My Opinion & Thoughts On CBM's Community

EDITORIAL: My Opinion & Thoughts On CBM's Community

Hi I’m BmSt32 and I have visited this site since 2011. What I want to discuss with the readers here today is what I think cbm.com and its community should do about the behavior that sometimes goes on around here, and some of the articles that get posted.

Not too long ago an article here was posted by ImTheGoodGuy debating about whether or not Batman’s one rule about killing was either a good or bad thing for Gotham. I enjoyed the article so much and how he brought to the table both sides of the argument, but there was also something different about this article as well. That one difference was that in the comments section almost all the comments posted by users here were having an actual discussion about the topic of the article rather than insulting the article or having a flame war between users about who was right and who was wrong. Now I ask you - “Why can’t it be the same thing for all the other articles that are posted on this site?””

I know that we all have different opinions about the articles that are posted here and we all want to tell our side of the argument. Most of the time is with articles having to do with Batman, Spider-Man, Avengers, Casting, Director, Editorials, Cosplay, etc. I propose that instead of starting comments with insults and names like fucking nolanite, marvelite, whedonite, or whatever other –ites may be out there that we actually type out reasonable opinions like we did with this one article. I know many of you feel passionate about certain subjects on this site and I’m not saying that are freedom of expression should be limited, I mean after all we are not communists. But rather we should present our opinions with manners and intelligence. I mean our ability to think and rationalize is what separates us from the animals. By this I mean that if we just start insulting one another with explicit words just because we don’t agree with the others opinion it basically amounts to the equivalent of monkeys taking a dump in their hand and throwing it at one another just because they pissed each other off about something.

Also the name of this site is ComicBookMovie.com, this place should be a safe haven for all of us fans who grew up with all these great characters that the outside public is just starting to realize thanks to these movies. But unfortunately most of the time it is a place where most people use it to troll or hate on one another just because we don’t all have the same opinions about certain subjects posted on this site. Furthermore I know from experience that growing up and having an affinity for comic books, sci-fi, cartoons, and basically anything outside of the social norm was considered stupid, childish, gay, or whatever other insult people could come up with. But even though I never let the verbal abuse get to me, there are still people out there who can’t take an insult or humiliation, so a lot of them just shut themselves off from the world and either get depressed, angry, or turn to the one thing they love most. So when I see a website basically dedicated to just the fans of comic books, sci-fi, films, games, etc. and see that most of its users are basically becoming the same bullies from their youth.

So it makes one think, “Why are we spreading vile hatred at one another” shouldn’t it be the other way around and be a community that is united. Shouldn’t all fans be embracing this Golden Age of comic book movies even if our favorite company whether it’d be DC, Marvel, Image, 2000 A.D., or etc. is not the one coming out with the movie. Shouldn’t we be supporting all cbm’s so that in the near future we may get that one movie based on our favorite character. Also if we are all fans of the same genre shouldn’t we all be following the example of our drawn heroes to lead by example and to value one another as individuals. But it seems that many follow the villain’s example which seems to be since I was wronged by the world I must take it out on the world or if I’m miserable I must make others miserable. I know sounds a bit corny, but in the end we are all human and we all make mistakes, but I would rather follow the hero’s example rather than the villains. In conclusion I think we should just agree to disagree, be respectful of one another’s opinions, and just be a more united community rather than a divided one, I mean is not the end of the world if someone disagrees with you. Hopefully this editorial can at least be a contribution to where we will see a peaceful, friendly, and intelligent debates on this site more often in the future and a future where we finally shed ourselves of the hate.

This is BmSt32 Signing Off & I hope you enjoyed this article.
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