EDITORIAL: Response To Colorado Shooting and A Message To All Of CBM

EDITORIAL: Response To Colorado Shooting and A Message To All Of CBM

It's time to stop the madness.

When I woke up today, I expected to hear about a summer blockbuster that pleased many fans around the world. I was expecting to see people happy and the reactions of happy, mid-night attenders to appear online for everyone to see. I expected a day that I would always remember for good reasons.

However, like many of you, I was shocked and horrified at the tragedy that occurred today. I didn't wake up to happiness, or fans cheering, or people celebrating another day or a special premier day. No, I woke up to hear about a summer blockbuster premier, where fans of all ages were murdered in cold blood. I woke up to see people on the news crying and traumatized from the events of a sick act of what can only be described as evil. I didn't wake up to see as many mid-night reactions because more than one dozen of them didn't make it home to write about it. Adults, teens, children, even babies were injured and killed. But the thing that sickens me almost as much as this horrible tragedy, were the reactions I saw from some CBM members today.

I won't name names because I don't have all of the people. However, the fact that there are names to name is just sad and pathetic. When I clicked on the article about the shooting and scrolled down to comment, some of the comments I saw made me sick. People talking about how this was great for The Avengers, users making jokes about this tragic event, and others who just went on to troll with a complete disregard to what had occurred. However there were many that stood up against it. People like myself, Hawkeyesblue, Teabag, and many, many more members who decided it was ridiculous that people could go on here just to piss others off, or to state their own selfish comments that related to them being fanboy scum. To this I say I have had enough.

I know that many who read this may think that it's pointless to try to tone down, or stop the fanboy arguments, but to the people that actually care about something like this: we need to stop with the "ites" wars. Many speculate that the shooter may have been some sick, deranged fanboy and it honestly wouldn't surprise me with the countless comments and articles that had the sole purpose of simply pissing other people off and bashing their opinions.

To put it simply, my message is this: If we can band together to try and stop the arguing, or if you are like me and respect others opinions, then we can all become a better community that was founded upon the one thing that we all love (whether you are a DC, Marvel, Image, etc...): The foundation of comic book movies.

Once again my heart goes out to all the victims families and loved ones and I hope this man is put to justice. This is Hal Jordan, signing off.
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