EDITORIAL: What ever happened to Arnim Zola?

EDITORIAL: What ever happened to Arnim Zola?

What do you think happened to him after the event of Captain America: First Avenger.

The human form of the Nazi/HYDRA scientist, Arnim Zola featured in last years Captain America: First Avenger movie where he was played by actor Toby Jones.

In the film Zola worked with the Red Skull to harness the Cosmic Cube's power (known in the film as the Tesseract). When he was eventually captured and interrogated by SSR (what would become SHIELD), it was noted that he didnt want to die and in exchange for protection he gave up information on HYDRA.

My question is that the modern day SHIELD organization is putting so much of its budget and man-power into getting the energy out of the cube when they presumably have a scientist who accomplished that feat 70 years ago in their custody.

Which leads me to believe that something happened inbetween.

A brilliant scientist and engineer (far superior to Howard Stark), that seemed to enjoy designing fantastical things and making them but had no desire to use them in anger but rather for self preservation, Zola most likely began working in the United States after the war for SHIELD but obviously never got the cube working for them.

This could either be because the cube somehow changed when it teleported Red Skull, or that Zola deceived the Americans and never completed the work. Maybe just like Tony Stark he was building something else while in captivity.

As we all know Marvel's Arnim Zola transferred his consciousness into a andoid body, and even in the film there are at least three references to Zola's comic counterpart and his willingness for survival it sounds like a safe bet too assume he faked his own death and got out of his forced emloyment.

Will he return in mechanical form one day, who knows.
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