EDITORIAL: What’s Really Trolling On CBM?

EDITORIAL: What’s Really Trolling On CBM?

As most of the members of CBM know, flame wars can get out of hand. People point fingers, call each other trolls, post T & A we know the drill. But what really qualifies as trolling? Click the jump to read BatmanHeisenberg’s article! Maybe you’ll learn something!

I recently met a man who wrote for Comic Book Resources. He agreed that Comic Book Movie’s flame wars get to out of hand. Now, how do flame wars start? Usually, one form or another of a troll says something, well, trollish. There are two types of trolls:


These are the tricky ones. Usually one says something like this:

“Oh, this again. *Post a picture of Ben affleck and it says ‘Not Impressed’” or visa versa. Usually, however, the DC trolls are usually the passive aggressive trollls.

One might say the above example statement is just an expression of opinion. However, bringing up Marvel in a way that’s almost insulting but trying to mask it is a bit, well, it’s really [frick]ing dumb. Let’s look at a MODEL comment:

“I like the way DC do movies more, but I feel Marvel do better with their lineups.”

MUCH better, huh? Note, what I say as an example doesn’t reflect my personal views.

These are more direct, aggressive and easier to spot. Let’s look at an example comment:

“Marvel’s The Avengers is SO much better than anything DC has made, ever. Like look at Affleck’s stupid ass face. LOL. SMFH DC.” THAT’S direct trolling. Usually these people are Marvel trolls, but it can go both ways.

Let’s see a more model comment:
“I feel like Marvel has done a better job with their movies. I hope DC can do something like Marvel.”

Again, much better!!

Now, is expressing an opinion trolling? No! But bringing other companies/people down IS. Now that we’ve cleared up WHAT trolling is, what can you do?

For one, if you are one, STOP. It’s okay to express an opinion, but to be an asshole and degrade and belittle is pathetic. But what if you’re just a model contributor, commenter, luker etc.? Report ‘dat shit mayne. Try using the troll guide I listed above to determine it. Don’t report opinions. Report people who are actively being a troll. Those suckers deserve to be in a hall, full of shame.

Thanks for reading, and please take this into account. This is BatmanHeisenberg, and remember,

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