EXCLUSIVE: Buzz Aldrin Talks About His ShareSpace Foundation And The Moon

EXCLUSIVE: Buzz Aldrin Talks About His ShareSpace Foundation And The Moon

<span style="color: red; font-weight: bold;">EXCLUSIVE:</span> Buzz Aldrin Talks About His ShareSpace Foundation And The Moon

In an effort to raise money for his ShareSpace Foundation non-profit during World Space Week, engineer, former astronaut, and the second person to walk on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin is selling a limited edition t-shirt and sweatshirt for his Get Your Ass to Mars Campaign.

Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation (SSF) addresses science literacy by igniting children’s passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) through delivering hands-on activities, inspirational messages, educational visits and Innovation Kits. ShareSpace provides children the opportunity to experience pivotal moments of discovery.

CBM:  Can you tell us about your Sharespace Foundation?

Buzz:  Many years ago I was enticed to have a lottery where people have potential space experiences and believed that would get the word out about space to thousands of people. I found out that other people could do that sort of lottery type of promotion for people better than I can. I looked into education for motivating high school students and their curriculum to put into their programs and found out that’s really not the problem at all, accordingly to the experts that I had drafted. The whole system needs to be turned around and be much more efficient, so we focus on elementary and middle schools because they are the ones that would be doing modern invention.

CBM:  What would you tell kids today to get them interested in Space?

Buzz: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math  (STEAM) we use to be at top of the world in those subjects and now we have fallen down in a number of those areas, we need to boost them up.  I think rather than just STEM we get the arts involved and we can bring everybody together in education. That would certainly help promote those areas in which we need to.

CBM: What was the most inspiring thing about the moon?

Buzz:  Well the most significant moment was touching down on the surface, and being able to shut the engines down and realize the dreams and the efforts of so many people have be realized and that we were a part of it, that was quite an inspiring moment. Outside the space craft to look out and see the scenes that haven’t changed in thousands and thousands of years. with no life at all that was a magnificent achievement for humanity to do that. It was such a desolate and unlivable place and that is why I use the words magnificent desolation. Now it is time to move beyond the moon while other nations are beginning to spread their wings and go to the moon. We will not compete because in that way we can test out the ways of putting together bases that we need on Mars. Along with a cycling transportation system the United States is developing, in albe to get human crews from here to Mars.

CBM: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your foundation?

Buzz:  You can go to ShareSpace.org to learn more about the foundation.  We have some very attractive Get Your Ass To Mars t-shirts and you can look them up and see the different shirts and sweatshirts by going to represent.com/buzz. We have kid friendly shirts to that say Get Your Butt To Mars. We will sell them until October 19.
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