Famous vs. Unknown -Which Actors Make Better Comic Book Movies?

Famous vs. Unknown -Which Actors Make Better Comic Book Movies?

Does the level of fame of an actor play a role in how well a comic book movie is recieved?

Is it better to cast unknown actors in comic based films or known actors? We all have in our minds who we think should play the role of some of our favorite CBMs, but what surprises us and disappoints us about certain films is the casting

Over the years in Hollywood, a number of successful franchises have seen great success by casting unknown actors in the lead roles of film. Actors whose name recognition was not well known, but they embody the presence of the character more than any known actor. This type of casting is not uncommon and has been done many times over with great success being reflected in the box office of the film

Chris Reeve – Superman
Chris Pine - Star Trek (2009)
Chris Hemsworth - Thor
Hayden Christensen
- Star Wars Ep II
Shia LaBeouf
- Transformers
Hugh Jackman -
Eric Bana
- Hulk

This type of casting is successful do in part to the fact that the unknown actor is seen more as the character rather than a known actor trying to portray the character. Over the most recent years this has been proven true with casting big name stars in comic film, but their name and portrayal not bringing in the blockbuster croweds the studios wanted.

Ghost Rider - Nicolas Cage
Daredevil - Ben Affleck
Barb Wire - Pamela Anderson
Judge Dredd - Sylvester Stallone
Catwoman - Halle Berry
Steel - Shaquille O'Neal
Jonah Hex - Josh Brolin
Green Lantern - Ryan Reynolds

So my question is... Do you think unknown actors make better comic book movies than known actors? Comment below.
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