FAN ART: Supervillain Yearbook, Mario's Avengers & Superhero Minimalist Posters

FAN ART: Supervillain Yearbook, Mario's Avengers & Superhero Minimalist Posters

The average high school student dreads having their photo taken for the yearbook, now just imagine how awkward it is if you're a supervillain. Also Mario assembles his Avengers, superhero minimalist posters, and Idris Elba makes one heckuva Green Lantern.

GhostHause has illustrated this amazing new series that imagines what supervillains looked like in their high school yearbook photos. From a geeky Bane in glasses, to Loki wearing an unsightly retainer, to even Venom squeezing himself into a cheap tuxedo, the artist truly captures the awkwardness of that moment most of us would rather not look back upon.

Images Created By GhostHause

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TheJayPhenrix has re-imagined our favorite Mario Bros. video game characters as members of Marvel's The Avengers: Waluigi as Thor, Luigi as Hawkeye, Princess Peach as Pepper Potts, Mario as Iron Man, Wario as The Hulk, Toad as Captain America and Daisey as Black Widow.

Image Created By TheJayPhenrix

Artist Michael Turner has created some fantastic minimalist posters featuring plenty of your favorite superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics. If you'd like to see all of Michael's posterss in this series click here.

Images Created By Michael Turner

Last but not least, Nate Hallinan is a self confessed fan of Idris Elba and Green Lantern, and he has used his artistic talent to envision the Thor actor as John Stewart. I think most Green Lantern fans would be quite pleased with that casting choice.

Image Created By Nate Hallinan

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