Fanboy's: Why we hate them.

Fanboy's:  Why we hate them.


Comic Fan's, Fan boy's, Movie Fans, Sci Fi fans etc....

Any one of these names can apply in some way to most of us who visit this site. One thing however that has been continuously aggravating the more I frequent this site is the CONSTANT COMPLAINING. Jensen Akles for Cap, Armie Hammer for Cap A, they better do it right, Green Lanterns ring isn't shiny enough, etc..........

What are we accomplishing by posting constant pictures of who we think should play a character in a movie, to me it seems like wasted time and energy. We are not the executives and producers of the movie's. So the constant squabbling, complaining and discontent with the choices these professionals make is for nothing. This is part of the reason that comic book and sci fi fans have gained the "derogatory" term of Fan Boys. What fan boys means to many, including my self is a usually an out of shape, nerdy, sniffling, virgin, fat, dorky, smelly, and socially retarded human being with about $14000 worth of comic book figurines in his living room. We know that for the most part, this is not true for many of us on this site.

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I am not saying that we don’t have a voice, because I know many decisions made in Hollywood have been influenced by fans, in particular a web site you may know of called AICN, often influences movie studios by the feedback they get from the fans on the site. Most recently Sly Stallone decided to change the story of Rambo 5 because after he pitched it to fans on AICN for feedback, the response was overwhelmingly negative.

But what I am saying is stop or even better lower complaining about the movies and actors in them, we should be grateful that there even being made for our enjoyment. Yes, some of the choices they make may be poor IN YOUR OPINION, but not in theirs. If you want to change something, become and actor or go to school to become a producer and even better, start your own movie studio! That way I don’t have to here "they better get it right!" or "do it right this time!".....what in your ultimate fan boy awesomeness exactly is the definition of right, I am sure there are many. Becasue "your take" on a movie might be just as sucky as the next guys to other people.

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