Favorite CBM moments in 2012

Favorite CBM moments in 2012

Here are my favorite comic book moments from comic book movies released this year. Have a look and tell us yours.

Breaking the Bat - TDKR

This moment was one of the most awaited sequence for every comic book fan. If Bane is going to break the Bat or not something everyone was talking around specially. Although this scene was underwhelming, Bane lifts Batman and goes for the backbreaker in the film. It just happened and I felt like it was done just for the sake of it.

Opening scene in Dredd 3-D

Dredd was surprise of the year. It was rated R like its comic book version and it was worth it. The scene opens and we get the glimpse of Mega city with criminals being skinned off and being tortured in different ways. The opening scene gives you an idea how violent this movie is going to be.

Thor vs Hulk – The Avengers

Thor vs Hulk is something every comic book fan talks about. No one expected that Thor will try to stop a rampaging Hulk on SHIELD Helicarrier thus bring of the the most epic battle sequence in the comic book history alive on screen. The excitement grows stronger when Hulk attemps to lift of Thor’s hammer and fails. These scenes are straight from pages of Marvel Comics and like most of the times it ends in a no contest.

Spidey’s last swing – The Amazing Spider-Man

In his final attempt to save Gwen and stop lizard a wounded Spider-Man swings through New-York and the city comes up to help him. This scene was epic for me because of two reasons 1) It was a direct homage to the Original Spider-Man movie where people of New York come ahead to help Spider-Man from Green Goblin and 2) Because it reminded me of the classic Spider-Man game where Spider-Man swings across cranes and construction during the police chase level.

Bond-Silva Chase – Skyfall

For me this chase was awesome, gut wrenching. It’s a treat to see a menacing villain who is always a step ahead from the hero. Bond runs after Silva through tunnels, changing trains and nearly gets crushed by a falling train. By nick of time Silva would have succeeded in killing M at the courthouse if Bond had not arrived.

Football stadium scene- TDKR

What happens when a menacing villain has a earthquake machine in a city whose hero is gone? He takes over the city by demonstrating his power. Bane might not be as powerful as his comic book counterpart but he was as smart as he was supposed to be. He tears apart the ground as makes it look like some comet struck that spot. Still why blow the place up when he was going to detonate the bomb after a given period of time when he could have just taken over after breaking Batman is something that I never understood.

I am the Law – Dredd 3-D

Dredd is known for this catchphrase and in entire movie he used it only at one place where it was most needed and that made the movie worth.

Captain America vs Iron Man vs Thor – The Avengers

in another epic moment from this movie where Iron man and Thor battle each other tearing apart the whole mountain while The God of mischief watches them fight, the fight interrupted by Captain America only fuels up Thor’s ego and the final trike on Cap’s shield levels the entire space whatever was remaining in that mountain.

Battle of New York – The Avengers

Loki’s plan comes in action and he opens a portal over New York that brings his army on Earth. The whole battle sequence was big cinematic moment with lot of moments to count in it. Thor and Hulk killing off a leviathan and Thor getting punched out of camera by Hulk was awesome. Hulks transformation, Captain America commanding police officers and later ordering fellow superheroes, Black Widow’s fighting skills, Hulk Smashing around, Cap and Thor teaming up and so much more to. This battle was again something that was straight from pages of comic books that only Joss Whedon could have pulled off. In total The Avengers was itself a big cinematic moment and it would be really biased on my part to point each of them out.

Thanos Mid Credits – The Avengers

Mid Credit scene: In the mid credits Thanos was introducem Avengers have no idea who is pulling the strings and fans got an idea what is up next in MCU for them. The Other tells Thanos about what happened on Earth and Thanos simply looks back and smiles.

Hon’ble mentions

Battle of Gotham TDKR

Hulk smash Loki: The Avengers

Bond vs Silva: Skyfall

Lizard Transformation: The Amazing Spider-Man

Plane Heist – TDKR

Helicareer vanishing act – The Avengers

Shwarma – The Avengers
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