FEATURE: Love Is In The Air! Romance In Comic Book Movies

FEATURE: Love Is In The Air! Romance In Comic Book Movies

It's Valentine's Day! Love is in the air, and in the vast majority of our comic book movies. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the best and worst comic book movie romances, so read on to check out my choices and leave your thoughts in the usual place.

I am only looking at the films and not the source material. So grab your sweet heart and come read the top five best and worst comic book movie romances.

Top Five WORST Comic Book Movie Romances (videos are trailers only)

5. Man of Steel-At what point did Clark and Lois fall in love again? For the record I enjoyed this film however I have never seen such a forced romance in my life. When they kissed at the end of the film my entire theater (me included) actually laughed out loud. The most iconic comic book romance of all time deserved better than this rush job.

4. X-Men-So, Jean and Scott are dating. Yup. That's about it. That's all the more development we got from the film's romance.

3. Green Lantern-Nuff said.

2. Batman and Robin-Remember Julie Madison? Yeah, me neither. But believe it or not she was Bruce Wayne's love interest in Batman and Robin. This movie didn't just have one awful romance, it had THREE! Poisen Ivy, Robin, and Batman love triangle. What a horrible film. Sorry for making you re-live it the past few seconds of this article.

1. Thor-So let me get this straight. Thor has two women in his life he could potentially have a romantic involvement with. One being a woman he has known for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. She is a warrior and has EVERYTHING in common with Thor. And then we have Jane. The woman who hit Thor with her car, TWICE! And now they love each other. Worst. Romance. Ever. And yes, I'm even including Twilight.


Top Five BEST Comic Book Movie Romances (videos are tributes to the romance in each film)

5. Superman-This is how Lois and Clark are suppose to fall in love. Superman loves Lois, Clark loves Lois, and Kal-El loves Lois. Clark works with Lois long enough that it actually makes sense that he would be in love with her as Clark and then Superman later on. Her take charge attitude and her no non-sense personality attract the mild mannered farm boy Clark. Take note Man of Steel, this is how it was suppose to be done.

4. The Amazing Spider-Man-Awkward high school love. The reason I don't think this romance clicked with everyone is because they didn't get that it is high school love. I fell in love with my wife in high school and am still happily married 9 years later. But the love I had for my wife in high school is different than the love we share now. It had an awkwardness to it when we first started out that slowly grew to a more mature, comfortable love. I think this was lost on some people. I personally loved it and thought they did a great job.

3. Blade 2-Blade falls in love with a vampire? Say what!?! But you know what? It actually works. Even though the guy spends his entire life hunting them, they still made it feel authentic when Eric and Nyssa fall in love. Talk about the Lion falling in love with a Lamb.

2. Iron Man 1, 2, and 3-Why do I think this worked so well? Tony and Pepper know each other better than most married couples do before they even got romantically involved. Pepper and Tony slowly, and very naturally develop a love for one another. It never felt forced or rushed.

And the best comic book movie romance we've had so far is...

1. Captain America-What made this work so well for me was the fact Peggy loved Steve Rogers. Skinny, short, weak Steve Rogers. In fact after he becomes Captain America I'm not sure she prefered him that way. Steve lets that woman kiss him for saving all those troops. Peggy seemed worried he was changing. The romance was so well done I swear I can see the exact moment Peggy Carter started to fall in love with Cap. When he tells her why he doesn't just run away, you can see this look on Peggy's face like she really respected that answer and him. I also loved the scene with Peggy watching footage of Cap out in the field and having Steve pull out a picture of her in his compass. All the romantic scenes just clicked. I thought they brought it all together really well in the end. When Cap wakes up in the present with every one and everything he knew gone, his first thoughts were of Peggy. Loved it.

So there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Who cares!? It's the day of love! Go out and have some fun with your sweetie and stop hanging out on the internet you nerds. And if you don't have someone yet, hanging out on our favorite website isn't going to help. Peace out homies.
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