FEATURE: Mark Julian's Christmas Wishlist 2012

FEATURE: Mark Julian's Christmas Wishlist 2012

Waiting till the last minute like me to do your Christmas shopping? Perhaps my handy wishlist can be of help to you if you have a comic book enthusiast in your household. One item on my list will definitely make a lot of Nightwing fans happy.

A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time)---I've been reading The Wheel of Time series for a Long LONG time and it's bittersweet (RIP Robert Jordan) and a little bit shocking that the series is coming to an end. Tarmon Gai'don always seemed like something on the distant horizon but it's here and that means we'll find out the ultimate fates of Rand, Perrin and Mat.

HP 2170P CORE I5-3427U---Bringing you guys the latest breaking news on comic books and film at times requires high-performance machinery. (As an architect, buying a Mac is out of the question.)

The CADMUS PODCAST On iTunes ---We're working on it!

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