FEATURE: Tattoos Of A Fanboy

FEATURE: Tattoos Of A Fanboy

FEATURE: Tattoos Of A Fanboy

There are a lot of people with cool tattoo's inspired by comics/movies so I wonder if comicbookmovie has any inked up users? If you click on to the article you can take a look at some of my 25 tats, and please share some pics of yours in the comments section.

As I said in the teaser there really are some cool comic/movie inspired tattoos out there and I was wondering whether any of you guys and gals had any.

I've twenty-five tattoo's two of which are inspired by movies/comics, I'm a bit of a tattoo addict in the way that I'll get an idea for a new tat and it stays in my mind (yes I'm slightly strange).

So having a quick look at some cool tattoos inspired by comics.

And movie inspired.

Here are my two tattoos that are inspired by movies/comics haha the pics are old and I'm not a trained photographer, There's Boba Fett's Helmet and a line from The Big Lebowski "I'm The Dude".

So do any of you guys and gals have any tattoo's inspired by anything?
And what do you think would make a cool tat inspired by a comic or movie?
Leave a comment and let me know.
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