Five Questions With SARAH MICHELLE

Five Questions With SARAH MICHELLE

Sarah Michelle is an up and coming actress and model. Jump on the bandwagon and get to know her with this exclusive interview before she starts populating your DVD shelf.

This past weekend at Detroit Fanfare Comic Con, I had the privilege of meeting Sarah Michelle, scream queen in training and fetish model extraordinaire. In the following interview, she talks candidly about her life in the film industry and opens up about her geeky side.

1. How did you get your start in film?

Sarah Michelle: I've always been interested in acting but never really pursued it or knew how to get into it. Although, prior to modeling I was in training to be a pro wrestler. So, being in the entertainment business isn't something completely new to me. An up and coming director saw my photos from the horror photo shoots I do and asked if I'd be interested in acting in his film. This was my first film by Root Beer Studios called "The Network." Through that project I was recommended to another director, Richard Chandler of a Boston Film Family, for "Scrooge in the Hood". So basically through word of mouth and some auditions I randomly began acting. I haven't stopped since.

2. What can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

SM: In post production right now is a film by Ocular Storms Productions called "Fury: The Tales of Ronan Pierce". I have a small role as a tortured victim and a few other cameos, but this is exciting for me because also featured in this film are some very talented people; Harry Aspinwall (whom I have an intense scene with), Brad Potts and Kane Hodder to name a few.

I'm also wrapping up the first segment of the 7 short horror film anthology called BOX by Obolus Entertainment & MAD-Z Productions. The segment which I have my first lead role in is called Skin Deep. I'm very anxious for everyone to see this. Having Julie LeShane as the make up artist was a real treat too since her work is so amazing.

I'm currently in production for a romantic comedy called Cumming Thunder: The Keith Maverick Story; where I have my second lead role. This is a comedy about a porn star that loses his fame and falls in love with another porn star (me!) and she tries to show him there's more to life than just sex. I'm working with a group of passionate, determined Fitchburg State students on this film. These boys might be film students, but they mean business.

Another film I'm currently working on is a sci-fi feature called Gilgamesh by Boston Film Family. I have a small role in this film as a punk girl but I'm still happy to be a part of the team. Rick Chandler is great to work with and his very driven, which I believe shows in his work.

In pre-production right now are 5 super hero films that I have been cast as the lead in 2 and supporting in others; Mission Park Quinology by Perro Worldwide Comics. My character's name is Valerie Sarah and she can travel through the after life. 3 others that have been cast along side with me to kick butt is my fellow costar Ryan Paulk, who plays Valerie's boyfriend Victor Strength, and TNA Superstars Velvet Sky and Angelina Love.

3. You also seem to be quite busy outside of film. Would you tell us more about your other endeavors?

SM: Besides acting, I am a fetish/horror model. I also shoot "normal" photos but I generally focus on the fetish and horror genre. It's my favorite. I do a lot of quicksand/mud fetish, which involves going into real mud pits to be playful in or play the damsel in distress. I also do a lot of vore fetish. Vore essentially is a person who likes the idea of someone being eaten by something. I focus on plant vore. I recently started doing vampire fetish, which is a lot more sensual than the others. I work primarily with Damsels in Distress Visual Productions. I traveled with him, 3 other gorgeous models, and a great make up artist to England & Scotland this past summer to shoot quicksand/mud fetish. I never thought there'd be a day I could say fetish modeling brought me to the U.K.! I also shoot bondage, super heroine, stuck, and food fetishes. I'm always eager to work with new photographers and try new fetishes. Life's too short, might as well make it interesting!

I also help out my better half, Derek Rook, with his publishing company called Rough House Publishing. He's an amazing artist who focuses on horror. He's got 2 new books coming out shortly that are comic book adaptions to Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE & THE GATES OF HELL. ZOMBIE: UNEARTHED will include an unique all original soundtrack with music and skits to go along with the book, which I will be doing voice acting in.

4. If you could be a part of any horror film franchise, which one would you pick?

SM: This is a tough question because there's so many great ones to choose from. I really enjoyed the concept of the series Saw. It has a psychological affect on you as well as being visually brutal. Hellraiser is a close second. I'd love to be a sexy, gory Cenobite.

5. On your Facebook page one of the things you describe yourself as is a "geek at heart." What are some of your geeky interests?

SM: Oh, where do I begin? I'm a former World of Warcraft addict who still suffers from severe withdrawals. I love, love, love Harry Potter (the movies AND books). I own almost every single issue of the 1990s Catwoman comics as well as the Harley Quinn series. I love anything and everything to do with the fantasy world. And obviously, I love all things to do with horror. I get overly excited and almost child like when any of these interests are put in front of me or discussed.

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(All photos are taken from Sarah Michelle's Official Facebook Page, with the exception of the one of she and I from Detroit Fanfare Comic Con.)
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