Frank Miller Looking to Create Controversy with Holy Terror

Frank Miller Looking to Create Controversy with Holy Terror

Frank Miller took 8 years to write a story about a super-hero fighting Al-Qaeda. Originally, conceptualized as a Batman story back in 2006, find out how the graphic novel has transformed over the years.

Frank Miller is looking to get back to the top. Coming off the financial and critical disaster that was the 2008 film, "The Spirit", Miller is going back to his graphic novel roots. His recent endeavor, "Holy Terror", will be 120-pages and is set for release shortly after the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Miller has been trying to get this story greenlit, in one incarnation or another, since 2003. Back in 2006, Miller publicly spoke about the project as "Holy Terror, Batman!" and described it as Batman goes up against the Taliban. However, the project lost steam, whether from Miller or nervous DC Execs is up for debate, depending on who you ask. Now the story is finally set to be published by Legendary Comics and features an all new character named "The Fixer" [who looks eerily like Batman]. Here's what Miller had to say about the project:

Miller on "The Fixer":

“I took Batman as far as anyone, and this guy is just not him. He’s been playing the crime fighter to stay in shape. What he really wants to do is fight terrorism. He knew the day would come. The story is essentially New York under attack by suicide bombers and our hero is out to find out their greater scheme. He’s much more a man of action than a detective. He’s a two-fisted Dirty Harry type, really.”

On the tone of Holy Terror:
“At the beginning this project torqued me up even more; the first batch of pages screamed with how New York tasted and how it felt,” he said. “Gradually the story became more linear and less emotional. It’s not me screaming for 109 pages. There’s a balance there. There had to be. What surprised me is that were touches of humor in the course of the story. I never would have predicted that early on. It began utterly humorless.”

“It is more raw and unfettered and I’m more likely going into something you could call extreme cartooning,” Miller said. “There’s a lot of that in the course of ‘Holy Terror.’ There are interludes where there are pictures — cartoon pictures — of modern figures and they are all wordless. It’s up to readers to put the words in.”

On the possibility of Holy Terror creating controversy:
“I sure hope so,” Miller said. “I hope it shakes people up. I’m not around to mollify. We’re living in a terrifying time and it’s changed us. Look, my decision to make this not a Batman project was part of that. Do I really want to draw a guy chasing the Riddler around town? No. The stakes are higher now.”

Are you guys excited for this new Frank Miller project or do you think his moment in the spotlight is over? Also, The Fixer looks so similar to Batman, I wonder if DC is thinking lawsuit. Check out the preview images and let me know what you think about the resemblance to the Bat.

Frank Miller (born January 27, 1957)is an American comic book artist, writer and film director best known for his dark, film noir-style comic book stories and graphic novels Ronin, Daredevil: Born Again, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300. He also directed the film version of The Spirit, shared directing duties with Robert Rodriguez on Sin City and produced the film 300. Holy Terror was originally proposed as Holy Terror, Batman! in 2006 but is no longer a project associated with the Batman character or DC Comics.


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