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Is this gritty vigilante movie worth checking out? Is it even a CBM? Hit the jump and see...

Boy Wonder is a great title for this gritty vigilante movie. The title, it seems, is an ironic nod (and perhaps, a rebellious rip-off) to Batman's sidekick Robin. While the movie never hints at comics or Robin, it was hard for me not to think that this was a 'what if' Robin were real story.

Boy Wonder is dark portrayal of a young man whose mother was brutally murdered in front of him ten years earlier when he was a young boy. He decides to take revenge on, not only the man who killed his mother, but on other criminals who escaped justice because of that pesky 'due process'part of the justice system. His encounters with the bad guys is reminiscent of Daredevil or Kick-Ass in that he is not invincible and gets his ass beat a little bit before delivering his justice.

The main characters that are introduced to us are Sean, his father, and the hot Latino Detective (whose name escapes me). On the surface they seem pretty cliche but as the story develops, so do the depth of their characters.

This movie has some great fight scenes, several twists and turns, and a clever ending. Is this movie a CBM? If Batman and Punisher are, then this is too. He does put on a costume at one point, although no spandex are adorned.

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I recommend giving this a watch. 6.5/10 rating
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