Gunplay Graphic Novel Optioned For TV Series

Gunplay Graphic Novel Optioned For TV Series

Viewers will be able to catch the graphic novel as a television series rather soon if plans fall into place. Inside you'll find news about the television series, motion comic book clip and a video of the graphic novel's creator pitching his idea to a panel of judges in San Diego

Written by Jorge Vega and art by Dominic Vivona, graphic novel "Gunplay" has been recently optioned as a TV series after negotiations took place between Platinum Studios and Fox21.

Science Fiction writer/producer Glen Morgan will have the honor of producing the television adapted version to the graphic novel. For those not familiar with Morgan, he was involved with such television shows as "X-Files" and "Millennium." He's also responsible for producing theatrical releases such as "The One" with Jet Li as well as the first three "Final Destination" films.

The graphic novel won the 2007 Platinum Studios online "Comic Book Challenge" by beating out 2 million other submissions. The story deals with Abner Meeks, a buffalo soldier that has been cursed to roam the Old West for all eternity, while possessing a demonic gun, which entitles him to kill once each day or suffer excruciating pain.

According to Fox21 president Chris Carlisle, "It is a unique story of an ordinary man who must live with an extraordinary curse."

The studio seems to be on a positive run currently because they're also responsible for such future film releases including "Cowboys & Aliens," "Dead of Night," "Mal Chance" and another television series known as "Indestructible Man."

Whispers68: Congratulations for Platinum Studios on their ability of bringing these television series and films to fans. I'm not familiar with "Gunplay" but I know there are many fans who would love to learn the future is bright for the graphic novel becoming a television series.
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