Have You "Liked" CBM On Facebook Yet? Do You Follow Us On Twitter? Find Out How Here!

Have You "Liked" CBM On Facebook Yet? Do You Follow Us On Twitter? Find Out How Here!

Comic Book Movie is on both Facebook and Twitter, so hit the jump to find out how you can keep up to date with all the latest and greatest comic book movie news and reviews from the #1 source on the Internet!

CBM is getting bigger and bigger as fans (not to mention those in the industry, hence why the likes of Clark Gregg and Mark Millar follow the site on Twitter) realise that we are the #1 destination for comic book movie news. The more "Likes" we get on Facebook, the bigger the audience for the site becomes. After all, if you "Like" a story posted to that page, your friends will see it and so on and so on. If you're a regular contributor to CBM, this also means YOUR stories will be seen by a larger group of people. Plus, if you're someone who's glued to Facebook day and night, this will mean you can get all the updates the moment they're posted. So, what are you waiting for? Just click on the image below and "Like" CBM on Facebook!

Not a fan of Facebook? No problem! CBM is also on Twitter, so click on the image below to follow the site there.

You can also find CBM's dedicated editorial team on Twitter, so click on any of the following link to be taken to their account and please do feel free to share your own details in the comments section below. As of right now, we're closing in on 11,000 Facebook "Likes" and we have over 4,100 followers on Twitter so spread the word and help the site continue to grow!



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