Hawkeye & Mockingbird Cosplay Contest: Winners Announced!

Hawkeye & Mockingbird Cosplay Contest: Winners Announced!

Submissions have been accepted, judging has taken place. Check out the entries to our latest costume contest and find out who succeeded in winning a prize!

It's that time once again close out another costume contest! The great turn out from last year's Halloween Costume Contest proved just how many dedicated cosplayers are a part of our community; and we've decided to launch several mini-contests throughout the year. This time around, we asked you to focus your talent on recreating a costume worn by one member of the Marvel comics superhero team-up Hawkeye and Mockingbird!

Here were the Details:

1. No pornographic or profane costumes or pictures. As a guideline, keep it PG-13.

2. One entry per CBM.com member. Post your pictures in the comments section of this article OR send your entry to me at [email protected]

3. Costume must be worn by you (CBM.com member). No friends or family entries; and please do not submit convention or internet photos.

4. Costumes may be store bought, handmade or a combination of both. Originality garners more points!

5. Your photo MUST include a hand-written placard displaying your CBM.com member and submission date in order to qualify for a prize. You may either hold the placard or prop it, but it CANNOT be Photo-shopped into the frame (for examples of this, visit our Halloween Costume Contest entries page).

6. Contestants must submit their entry by Midnight (EST) on June 10th, 2010.

7. Have fun! Use props, visual aids and scenery to augment your costume. Use different angles and poses to enhance your costumes appeal. But, again, no Photo-shopped images!

8. You can use any interpretation of Hawkeye or Mockingbird to base your costume off of. Below are just a few examples:

IMPORTANT: Make sure your CBM account has an up-to-date email address so that we may easily contact you if you're selected as the winner!

Judging and Prizes:

The Judges Panel will consist of three members of the ComicBookMovie.com editorial staff. Deliberation will begin as soon as the deadline passes. First and Second place winners will be announced on June 11th, 2010.

Here are the Winners!

FIRST PLACE: MockingNerd


Honorable Mentions

Wally - Plano, TX

Kathryn - Syracuse, NY

Nathan - Oakville, Ontario

Thanks again to all our participants and congratulations to our winners

MockingNerd and Mileena16!

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