Horror Graphic Novel Sorrow to be Adapted by Twisted Pictures!

Horror Graphic Novel <em>Sorrow</em> to be Adapted by Twisted Pictures!

Home of the Saw franchise Twisted Pictures has nabbed the screen rights to Sorrow for the big screen.

Shocktillyoudrop.com is reporting that the company Twisted Pictures has announced it has got the rights to the comic book "Sorrow" which has been published through Image Comics.

Writer of "The Butcherhouse Chronicles" Michael Hidalgo, is tapped to adapt it.

The "Sorrow" story is set in a little town of Nevada that has been ravaged by nuclear testing for years. The actual sign of the town reads "Population Zero." So not a nice place to visit.

A woman comes to town searching for her Native American ancestry and she stumbles on a shocking discovery that not all that is buried is really dead.

Hidalgo said "Rick, Seth and Francesco have created a throwback to '70s and '80s horror/thriller films with the perfect mix of terror and memorable characters. The idea is to make a great film that resonates with fans of the genre."

Mark Burg and Oren Koules are set to produce along with Andrew Wilson, Erick Salomon, and Chris Ridenhour.

Rick Remender, Seth Peck and Francesco Francavilla's originally thought up the Exorcist like tale will a bit of "Twin Peaks" put in terror too comic book called "Sorrow."

Thanks to the guys at Shocktillyoudrop for the heads up.

LEEE777 - Maybe we'll even get a franchise out of it like "Saw", anyway it sounds pretty cool for a horror slash comic book movie, i'm all for it, how about you guys?
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