How ComicBookMovie & The Users Saved My Life

How ComicBookMovie & The Users Saved My Life

Hey everyone, I am Khan but my real name is not really Khan. My real name is Roby D’Ottavi. I’m a sixteen year old from Australia. This is my story, this is a story about how YOU the CBM users saved my life, enjoy!

Hello everyone, some of you know me as Khan, the most active basic user on the site. But in case you did not know, my name is not actually Khan. My real name is Roby D’Ottavi. I’m a sixteen year old from Australia. This is my story, this is a story on how YOU the CBM users saved my life, enjoy!

Now I know we recently had a article about a young gentleman who got one of his books published, and if he is in fact reading this article I want to congratulate him, his story had a happy ending. But that’s where my story, and his story diverge. My story really hasn’t ended, as I write this article I am not certain of my future. I haven’t told anyone this, not even PunyParker, who is one of my best friends. But around August last year, I became depressed. I know depression is extremely common nowadays especially around the age I am, but some of these kids who experience depression don’t have the help I did. But enough about the ending of my story, let’s go to the start.

My love for Spider-Man began when I was three years old.

It all started in August of last year. I was on top of the world, I’d become popular, girls liked me and I was the “IT” guy of the school. And it’s amazing how quickly the happiness of being on top can change into sorrow of the past. My world was turned upside down in late August when my parents got a divorce. I knew this was bound to happen, as arguments between the two had been running rampant and I was getting sick of it. During one of the fights between my parents, I found myself locked in my bedroom with my iPhone, I immediately went into my Videos app and started watching The Amazing Spider-Man. I needed strength and I needed hope, that film was my strength and shield. The following days of the divorce were not as good as I had hoped, I went to school feeling terrible and everyday I thought of running away. But I persisted.

Around September of 2012, I had met a girl. Her name was Danielle. She was the most beautiful girl on the face of the Earth (in my eyes at least); she was the Gwen Stacy to my Peter Parker. I remember the first time I asked her out, it was identical to the way Peter asked out Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man, she walked off smiling as Coldplay’s “Til Kingdom Come” started ringing in my ears. I hadn’t been on since July, when TASM came out. So around September I started using the site again, posting fan-fiction and such. Danielle had become my girlfriend, but like Gwen Stacy; she was taken out of my life. She did not die (thank God) but she dumped me. All my hopes and dreams shattered in those remarkable words she spoke “I’m sorry” she said after she delivered the final blow. That happened in January of this year. And like the divorce, I was back where I started… Depressed and out of hope.

At 16, I still love Spider-Man

From January to March, I thought of ways to kill myself. Suicide became a growing thought and my friends and family worried about my health. My whole world had crumbled apart in a matter of months. But then, something remarkable happened. I logged in to It’s almost funny; how I went from being this depressed teen to this new man I am today. The chat room became a place of help and strength for me as such users as The Captain gave me some words of wisdom. As I got better, I started posting more and more news/articles on CBM. Every time I read a comment that said “Great find Khan” or “Another great article Khan”; I remembered how I would not be here if it weren’t for CBM and Spider-Man. Without this site and the wonderful users, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.

As for my Mother’s storyline, she met a nice guy called Dino. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met; my younger brother and sister both love him, as do I. So I guess what I’m getting at is that, everyone helps. Every little thing helps, every compliment you give me helps. I want to thank all the CBM Users and the CBM Editors for everything they have done for me as a User and a friend. If I have pissed off any user in my time at CBM, I’m truly sorry (That’s you Josh). This article was not an attempt to get you users to feel bad for me this is just me telling my story. So thanks gents, have a good one!


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