I don't like: Non comic book readers

I don't like: Non comic book readers

Something that is just plain annoying.

This is about people who do not read comic books but assume they know about comic books because they have got knowledge from films and TV, not comics, this is not about comicbook readers and people that actually know what they are talking about or people that have nothing do to with comics.

This is just something that annoys me, this first came to my attention when I was speaking to someone about Batman and they thought that the Joker killed Bruce Wayne's parents, this is untrue, Joker's never killed Batman's parents, it was only in the Tim Burton film that this occured to give the joker more of a backstory. The same situation occured when Spider-man 3 came out and people thought that the Sandman killed Uncle Ben.

Another thing is the dark knight. People have just watched that film, thought it was good and have suddenly become lifelong Batman fans, sure the film was good but just by watching it doesn't make you a comicbook fan, it makes you a movie fan. I also overheard someone talking about spider-man and they assumed that his webbing was organic and not from web shooters. This only happened after "disassembled" and was changed in brand new day anyway, after correcting them they felt the need to argue and kept refering back to the spider-man movies but when I pointed out the comics they walked off.

Thanks for your time in reading this, am I the only one to notice or are there others out there?
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