In comparison: Captain America and U.S. Agent

In comparison: Captain America and U.S. Agent

Well, on my last editorial, (West Coast Avengers.) I put that I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a really good U.S. Agent and that he would be complimentary and a good opposite to Jensen Ackles, who would be a good Captain America. Everyone, so far, has agreed with me. But for those who don't, or haven't decided yet. I just wanted to give my....argument, per say.

U.S. Agent- A man, who thinks that Captain America is soft, too nice, should be more justice inclined and kick the living shit outta people...i guess too much morale is a well suited way too put it. He's about two inches taller, and has a lot of the same looks. Just, a worse attitude, and a shorter temper. Hence....

U.S. Agent- Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Captain America- A man, A soldier, A super-soldier. Believes in truth, justice, and the american way. (holy shit, my computer doesn't know the word american, it gave it that little red under lined thingy, what the shit?) sorry, anyways, he can kick you to hell and back. But, doesn't, cuz that's not the way it works. you get court, and judged just like everyone else, and that's the way it is. So....check it.

Captain America- Jensen Ackles.

Ok, that's it. See what i mean, saying they would compliment and opposite eachother. Jensen Ackles has this strong, stout, i can kick your ass build. Where as, Levitt has this, i'm tall and lanky, but still built, and i can kick your ass thing going on. I think it'd work quite well. that's all i wanted to say.

Oh, and i changed a few things around in my Summer Lovin' editorial, so check that out.

Shout out to Shaman, for obvious reasons, and for the cool ass pick of cap and agent next to eachother. peace out kiddies.
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