Interesting Observation from Avengers Trailers

Interesting Observation from <i> Avengers </i> Trailers

I watched the latest Avengers TV spot and took a snapshot of when Hawkeye is sliding and shooting the aliens. I took the snapshot because several people noticed Black Widow in the background using something that was not a simple old handgun (insert @Teabag joke).

Here is the snapshot from the TV spot.

So it appears that Black Widow at some point grabs an alien weapon and uses it during the battle. Anyway, back to why I wrote this article. Not long after that, I popped in Real Steel on my computer (I just got it from the library) and was pleasently surprised to see the Avengers trailer. While watching it, I noticed something. Or lack of something (insert another @teabag joke).

No Black Widow or aliens. So clearly an unfinshed shot was put in the trailer. How many more shots in the trailers were used unfinished? Could there be anymore surprises in store for us? Let's hope so!
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