Intruder's Top 5 favorite CBM Scenes

Intruder's Top 5 favorite CBM Scenes

After Total Film made their list of Top 5 Greatest CBM moments, I feel the urge to share with all of you my own personal favorite. You may agree with some and you may not, but I welcome your feedback.

5. Two-Face Confronts Maroni.(The Dark Knight/Christopher Nolan)

"Going to join your wife?"

Surpise, surprise. I kick off my list with a scene from The Dark Knight. In this sequence we finally get to see Dent do some damage and in my opinion give the best performance in the film. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but finally seeing Two-Face done right was the highlight of the movie for me and this scene's tone couldn't have been executed any better.

4. Aunt May's Speech To Peter.(Spider-Man 2/Sam Raimi)

"You'll never guess who he wants to be. Spider-Man."

This scene might not be packed with action or incredible drama, but it makes itself special on so many levels. It's subtle hints to May knowing Peter's secret and genuine emotion captured by Raimi makes this perhaps the most touching scene I have witnessed in a CBM.

3. Bloodbath! At The Disco.(Blade/David S. Goyer)

"What's wrong, baby?"

This is perhaps the most universaly praised opening sequence in CBM history. David Goyer single handidly brought respect back into the genre with Blade and started a snowball effect which eventualy turned into what we have now and this scene set the tone for that revolution.

2. Tony Stark Returns To Gulmira.(Iron Man/Jon Favreau)

"It's not a piece of equipment, it's a suit. It's me!"

Finally seeing Iron Man take to the skies and show off how much of a badass he is whether it's killing terrorists and saving a small village or outmanuvering fighter jets. It cemented the upstart Marvel Studios as a serious filmaking force who was going to take their charaters seriously and true to the source. Best scene of a film which was a launching pad to the Holy Grail of Marvel films. The Avengers.

1. Nightcrawler Attacks The White House.(X2: X-Men United/Bryan Singer)

"Multiple subjects!"

I know a lot of people joke about "jizzing in their pants" when they see something so awesomely nerdy. But this scene literally almost made me jizz in my pants. Nuff said.

Well there it is. What do you think? Have a snubbed a few? Have I over glorified others? Or did I hit the nail on the head with some of your own choices? Share your thoughts below.
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