Iron Man 2 Already Looking for an Oscar Nod?

Iron Man 2 Already Looking for an Oscar Nod?

Is the release of the new trailer on Oscar night the first part of a campaign for a golden statue?

The most anticipated (and what will probably prove to be the biggest) blockbuster of the year revealed its second full length trailer last night.
The advertising and the time slot were poised to get the most audience available at one time. RIGHT AFTER THE OSCAR'S...

The entire world was upset when the billion dollar Batman didn't get a Best Picture nomination and this year Avatar (Making over 2.5 Billion worldwide) was that massive fan favorite that nearly made up for it.
It is entirely evident that the Academy is aware of the financial gain of these films now and in fact, rewarding them if not just to bring the fan base into their show...

Paramount must have gotten the memo because 2010 is set up to be entirely their year. And assuming they know Iron Man 2 doesn't suck...was last night their first subtle hint at wanting one of the now TEN Best Pic nominations???

This fan thinks so.

Special thanks to the Dark Knight, Star Trek, and Avatar for making our world relevant again.
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