Is accuracy in comic book movies important?

DISSERTATION HELP!!!At this point in time there has been a multitude of comicbook movies have the successes been attributed to faithful adaptations?

Hello all,

I was hoping some of you could help me. I am writing a disseration for university, the objective of which is to examine the many depictions of comicbooks on the big and small screen and whether their accuracy contributed to their success or if taking liberties was a positive. I have gathered a selection of films from my dvd library and have paired them up with comicbooks and graphic novels that share story points or are direct influences e.g Batman begins and Batman Year One, The Avengers and The Ultimates, The Dark Knight and The long Haloween. Watchmen one of the most faithful adaptations to date and loved by fans made a very mediocre return at the box office and critics werent enamoured by it.

In many cases such as the first 2 xmen films and Xmen First Class their lack of percieved accuracy didnt hinder their success where as Green Lantern which was pretty faithful to whats established in the comicbook was a failure.

I wanted to find a wide enough selection of like minded people to gain a variety of opinions on what makes a good adaptation, as being faithful isnt always the blueprint to success. If anyone would like to let me know what their favourite comicbook film is and whether any particular factors contributed that would be appreciated.

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