Jake Gyllenhaal On Possibly Playing A Superhero In The Future

Jake Gyllenhaal On Possibly Playing A Superhero In The Future

When asked if he's "over the superhero thing" after previously being linked to the roles of Batman and Spider-Man, Source Code actor Jake Gyllenhaal isn't in a hurry to play a comic book hero right now, but doesn't entirely rule it out.

Speaking with Short List, End Of Watch actor Jake Gyllenhaal is asked the popular question: Is he interested in playing a superhero role at some point in the future? He was previously rumored to replace Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2, and was linked to the role of Batman before Christian Bale played the character in Batman Begins. When asked if he's still interested in portraying a superhero, Gyllenhaal doesn't sound entirely opposed to the idea, but isn't in a hurry to do so.

"At a certain point you realize there's always someone more interesting, talented and ready to do a role than you are - and you won't get every role you go for. All I want right now is to hone my skills and become a better actor, not dream about wearing a cape. But you never know."

Since previously being connected to two of the biggest superhero roles of all time, Gyllenhaal has been frequently fan-cast as various comic book movie roles by fans. The actor is no stranger to the action genre, having starred in films such as Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, Source Code, and the aforementioned End Of Watch (which is in theaters now). Which comic book character would you like to see Gyllenhaal play on the big screen? For the actor's full chat with Short List, click the source link below.

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